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AAA taxes

this may have been asked, but had computer problems and not able to get on. What is up with AAA, we did a job a month ago for them and they are not paying taxes to us. when called they said they will handle sending in the tax. Any one else have this happen? and can they do that. I am going to call the state today. But whats up?

Re: AAA taxes

Several months ago Harmon announced they will pay state/county taxes direct and sent every glass company a state by state tax exempt certificate, so when you bill them they are exempt and you do not have to worry about the taxes as long as you have the certificate on file. This is exactly how SGC operates it's tax exempt fleet accounts.

Re: AAA taxes

dk, e-mail me your fax # and I'll fax it to

Re: AAA taxes

Thanks. I called and they sent one to me. But can they do this?

Re: AAA taxes

What a question can they do that, the Ins. anything they want! It is not just in autoglass look at all the claims they try to deny wether it be home ins, life ins, worker comp, and especially health ins. The only thing that matters to them is $$$$$ they do not mind collect for ins. but try to get paid for any claim , it is like pulling teeth!

Re: AAA taxes

Not in this state. The 'buck' for collecting sales tax and PAYING it to the state stops at the retailer's door, no "ifs", "ands", or "buts" about it.

I called the state, and if Harmon screws up, they are not in ANY hot water, "I" am for allowing them to be my 'tax service'. I have no right under State law to allow them to do this, nor does the state have any way to track or cross check the payments, NOR do they even want to CONSIDER the time, effort and STAFF to do it. If Harmon comes up short or screws up the reporting, they will come after the shop, and the State has NO sense of humor about this subject, likely due to the fact that they're in a budget crisis, the same as many states are.

Not gonna happen here.

Further, if the insurance company is NOT contracting for repairs, what the H E Double Toothpicks are they doing this in the first place for? I just can't see the logic in this at all, but I have a couple of ideas on how this might be used to fool some people into thinking tax is paid when it isnt' and leave the shop holding the bag if anybody checks, but I have no proof of that. Like resaling across state lines via EDI when everybody knows that states don't communicate between themselves to track sales across state lines. Sales tax is due at the point of delivery. If goods are sold in one state, but resaled across state lines and EDI billed out of another, one must question if tax is paid in either state, but the two states are not communicating with each other to find out if tax was paid at all. What if a 'seller' told both states that the tax was apid in the other state, but didn't actually pay either?

And we haven't even touched on local city or use taxes yet, that may not be being paid by mobile installers crossing city jurisdictional lines and 'forgetting' to mention it to the authorities.

Re: AAA taxes

Our state Dept of Rev. is investigating this scam and has already informed us that they will be issuing a written opinion soon. They informed us that if the bill is sent to the insurer and not to the tpa they are required to pay sales tax. Harmon slipped the other day when I called and asked for a list of invoices sales tax was paid and a list of ones that were not. He said "are you talking about the invoices that no sales tax was paid to you or the DOR." What Harmon is doing is trying to pass off an invoice as a resale therefore not remitting sales tax but collecting it from the insurer. Paul Gross (CEO or Harmon) is the biggest "slime ball" in the industry. Call you Dept of Revenue and report this illegal activity.

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