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Allstate Announcement?

I heard Allstate sent out an announcement about EDI or electronic dispatches today.....does anyone have a copy of it?

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Yeah it came. I think they want to mandate that we all use EDI now with the promise that will bring in more work to the shop. More BS if you ask me.

Re: Allstate Announcement?

There was no mandate about anything, it was asking shops to use electronic claims system which eliminates phone calls and paper this point we can still call claims in and receive faxes and mail or EDI invoices. Eventually we all have to get in the 21st century whether it's now or five years from now.

Re: Allstate Announcement?


Re: Allstate Announcement?

They failed to mention that we will have to also pay for these electronic dispatches thanks to GLAXIS.

I for one am fed up with being nickled-and-dimed by Lynx/PPG/GLAXIS. If we are helping to reduce the error rate and eliminating faxing, etc. should it be for FREE?

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Yes, you have to pay for the dispatch. That being said, would it be worth a little bit if it meant getting paid in 6 days instead of 6 weeks?

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Hmmm--not enough info at the sites referenced in their reply to my inquiry.

Guess I'll adopt a "wait and see" attitude for the time being.

Looks as if too many are anxious to get into the repair techs pockets?

Re: Allstate Announcement?

The F O O T just a little further in the door. Proceed with caution. void(0);

Re: Allstate Announcement?


Worth getting paid in 6 days vs. 6 weeks? There is nothing in writing that says I am going to get paid quicker if I use electronic dispatch.

I agree, we in the world are we supporting this type of model?

Re: Allstate Announcement?

i'm sorry if i don't understand?

they want us to pay for dispatches? i thought insurance companies already paid for processing of claims? so they will make more money than before, by selling work?

maybe they are grasping at straws, with insurance companies change of policy on those pitfills.

Re: Re: Allstate Announcement?

Participant Management,

We will use your electronic glass management tool as soon as you send the
software to run your program. We can certainly improve this time delay as you
suggested. Buying a similar program is quite costly for the number of jobs we get
from Allstate, but we are happy that you are willing to step up to the plate and
do this for our shop. Is this an easy to install software or will there be
customer support to help the non-computer savey such as myself? When should we
expect the delivery of the product and what system requirements are necessary to
run the software?

Michael Sorenson
Midway Glass, Inc.
2820 Fallon Dr.
Sherman TX. 75090
On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 08:43 , 'Participant Management'

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Way to go Michael! I agree that every time a company has a "certain" way to help us perform better it ends up costing us more. Why not let the Insurance companies help pay for the "better" way to save them money. I'm still not sold on the idea of letting the insurance or 3rd party into my computer so I don't screw up the data entry. I will not go this route until I'm forced to.

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Go with neon and let them handle your billing.

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Jer who do you work for?

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Why pay Neon when edirectglass is available and is free? I found them on the AGRR magazine main page off of Glassbytes

Re: Allstate Announcement?

I want to know why we always have to be nickel and dimed to death when it's the insurance company's insured.........NOT OUR'S!!! We have to pay to use someone else's software! The insurance companies should be reimbursing us! Why don't the insurance companies put up their OWN software to use and we'll route directly to them? Why does there always have to be a middleman, which not only costs us to use, but the insurance company? There should be some company that comes up with a routing program, for a one-time cost to the glass company and it will allow us to route to whatever insurance company we're billing. That would eliminate problems right there and the insurance company will have a better handle on their own insured's claims instead of having to use a go-between. Everyone's wanting a piece of the pie. The only ones getting it up the wazoo is the glass installers, who are just there to do a service and make a decent living like everyone else, for THEIR insured.

Re: Allstate Announcement?

E Direct is free?? Free???

Now, respectfully, why do I find that just a bit hard to believe?

Who is paying them? If it's NOT the shop, then there's only one other answer. And that answer means they have someone else's interests in mind, because they will always be obliged to pay attention to who's buttering their bread.

I want that obligation to be to ME.


(and no, I don't work for them, they work for me)

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Edirect, well, I just got my info in the mail about how its "free" let me tell you it will cost me double. I switched to them when they came out. But going there new "free" route it will be almost double if not more, and the fee for the use of the allstate thing, well, add them up and over a yr it will be a bundle! Any good sofeware programs out there, Had Quest, but they were too diff. to work with. I hate to keep buying new programs,

Re: Allstate Announcement?

Does anyone remember the days when an insured came into the shop, you installed the winshield, sent a hand writen invoice to their agents office, and had a check in your mailbox in 4 days? Guess that wasnt "streamlined" enough...HA

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