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info please...mercedes c230

How involved are the W/S replacement's on '00 Mercedes C230?

Has rain sensor, Part #FW2045. Labor times according to NAGS: 4.80

Not sure what to expect...

Thanks for any info. ~Western Wishes~

Re: info please...mercedes c230

I know the moldings are normally reusable, but I think you should try to get an eye on the rain sensor to see if it has a "mirrored" blue plate attached, if so it would have to be a dealer part...PPG/PILK will not have it and no way to transfer it...

Re: Re: info please...mercedes c230

Purchase from the dealer.

Re: info please...mercedes c230

Thanks for the info!! ~Western Wishes~

Re: info please...mercedes c230

The rain sensor itself will snap off the bracket. The
retainers are on each side, use a pick tool. New glass
should have a bracket attached, simply re-attach the
sensor. Usually not a problem on the older cars, but
on the newer MB's the rain sensor & light sensor are combined into one module. Once you remove or unplug
the module, don't turn the ignition key on. That will often require a visit to the dealer to reset the
rain sensor. Also, when testing the rain sensors on MB's the doors must be closed.
2000 c class is very easy if you take the time to
remove the lower cowl pieces. With those removed the whole wiper can be removed in about 45 seconds leaving nothing in your way.
These are gravy once you've done a couple.

Re: info please...mercedes c230

Also, the hood must be closed to test the rain sensor operation.

Re: info please...mercedes c230

The wipes on most Benz will not work with the hood up it must be closed On the early year c230 the dealer only makes the w/s with the sensor as the cover goes over the rainsensor most aftermarket sensors do not work dealer's almost always ore ok but once in awhile even factory glass has defective sensors if you have a four door # 203701501 carefull on the new years as they changed the sensor and light sensor and we have gotten the wrong part even with vin #!! newer ones also have blue glass on the sport models easiset way to see if it is blue or green all green has a shade and the blue glass has no shade!!!! all models with the blue glass are that way except on the slk that model has no shade at all

Re: info please...mercedes c230

opps # 2036701501

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