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05 ford mustang convertible b/g

Need help!!!! Per Ford you cannot just buy the glass, you have to replace the whole top. Any help on replacing the top? Has anyone done one of these before? Or should we just send it to a top shop? Ford says that it will take 6.3 hrs to replace. If i take on this job, what should we charge per hr? I was thinking 125.00 per hr for both guys. The top list for $ 1147.00. should i try to get more mark up on the top also?

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

I've done 1 of these, was not an 05'it was a 95 I think. The b/g was sewn into an inner boot. Did NOT have to replace the entire top,But that may have been easier!LOL! Had to take apart a ton of the interior. Rivets were holding a metal strip around the back perimeter to attach it to the body. We had about 4 people for about 5-6 hrs. I would mark up from your cost of b/g about 35% min. Then I would charge about 70-90 per installer per hour. Otherwise I would WALK away, and say No Thank You! Good luck!

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

WALK AWAY, It's not something you want to mess with.

Look at it this way, would you want to own it if something goes wrong or the top shop?

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

Decide how good a a hands on person you are. If you are good at understanding how things work I say take it on. If not let it go.

I have done several conv top backglasses on several types of cars. Noone else around here will do them.

I can do most with a helper in about 4 to 6 hours. I can hook you up with suppliers that sell the glass with fabric already attached that lays under existing top. A few cars you have to replace whole top(Corvette, BMW are a few).

As far as price you need to decide the markup on parts that you require to make your business a sucess.
For labor you need to charge for two guys for six hours to be safe. The labor rate again should be decided by you. After you do one you will understand better how many hours you think you will need on future ones.

My recommendation to everyone: quit worrying so much about what something list for!!! Know the amount and take it into consideration, but what should matter to you is what YOUR COST IS and how much mark up you need!!!!!

It is by no means for everyone, but there is a good profit potential if you feel you have the abilities. Post back with your email if you want more info and I will get it to you on Monday.

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

Ron is talking about having to replace the whole top not just the bg.

Ron, get some quotes from the upolsterer and sub it out. Mark it up and make alittle for making a phone call. If you mark it up 25% that will get you 286.75 on the top. That seems fair. Get some quotes, supplie the top and have someone else do it.

My two cents.

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

If this is ins. job dont turn down,sub out to local upholstery shop.You can make nice markup and just be a tpa.Check dealer price,check local then figure where you need to be and hold your ground,specialty jobs are good.

Re: Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

Thanks for the info. This is a s/f job through claims.
I figured it would take about 5 hrs with two (A) tech installers so I'm going to tackle it. If I can charge list + 25%+ 125.00 per hr for 6.3 hrs then it should be worth it. I also have a friend that is an upolster so he said he would charge 550.00 to install whole top for me or if i tried to tackle it and ran into trouble he could come out and help for 45.00 per hr. so i think it is a win win thing.............

thanks again for all the input i will keep everyone posted on the progress of it.

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

I understood the post to say that FORD TOLD HIM you had to replace entire top.

I can get the glass only and replace it WITHOUT REPLACING ENTIRE TOP. A lot cheaper and simplier.

IF he needs whole top that is fine, but NOT NECESSARY.

Or maybe if FORD says it then that it how it is, and if the insurance company says it then that is how it is.
People get a mind of your own and don't just take one persons word for something.

I do three Ford dealerships work because they don't have a clue about glass.
They call me for help about what part they are trying to order(regulators, belt mouldings, etc) half the time. Chances are that Ford dealership called his competitor and they told the dealership that.

Re: Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

I looked at the car and there is no extra material attached to the glass like the older mustangs. So i am assuming also that the whole top has to be replaced.

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

We are an auto glass & trim shop. The back window is actually considered a rear glass curtain assembly.. The top skin is removed only to expose the rear bow, the upper attachment point for the window. My opinion falls in line with most others..sub it out if you don't have an experienced upholsterer around!
PS...Insurance company's normally honor OEM pricing

Best regards...R.J.

Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

Ron, I stand corrected, I was thinking 2004.


Re: Re: 05 ford mustang convertible b/g

The s/f adjuster came bye friday and wrfote the estimate for a new top at for rates ($1157.40 list + 75.80 per hr for 10.2 hrs + 15.00 clean up fee)
Then he told me that ford is having a problem with this top so they would only pay ford rates. S/F is going to go after ford to try to get their money back.
I collected a storage fee and told the adjuster to have his customer take his car to ford so they could fix it since their seems to be a problem with it .
My luck i would of replaced it then it would of broke again and s/f would want me to warranty it.

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