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March 17, 2006

To our valued PPG AutoGlass Supplier:

RE: Price Increase Announcement

The auto glass industry has experienced significant competition and
pressures over the last several years. Even though you have bought
some of
your competition out, you know better than to think that auto glass is
allowed to increase in price. While we sincerely regret that all items
regarding your operations and product have increased you just need to
squeeze a little tighter. Therefore, effective April 11, 2006 we will
implement a 6% discount off of each part we purchase from you.

We do recognize that all industry suppliers are hungry and greatly
appreciate your understanding and support. Al always, we remain
to continuing to identify opportunities to offset our operating costs
without losing jobs to our competition.


PPG AutoGlass Customers

Re: ppg

did you mean a 94% discount off of glass purchased?

Re: ppg

Good one BG! But I don't think they care so as of right now we will price shop all our suppliers for the best price, and we will be forced to follow suit with the rest of this industry, and not consider quality or service, and will have to buy according to price only. And we will be raising our prices effective NOW, to reflect the higher costs we are incuring which includes longer office hours to make the calls to find the cheapest garbage out there. This industry is getting more PATHETIC every day! I'm glad it's friday!!! Sad part is I'll be back in at 8 to go out mobile for a fleet customer and put in a 1217 for dirt cheap cause the little red trucks do em for so cheap the rest of us have to bend over backwards to keep a few accounts. So let's just keep doing them for less and pay more, till we all CROAK!!!!AUTO GLASS JUST SUCKS

Re: Re: ppg

Low pice may sell some,but push your price by OEM or your experience or how long you have been in that location.Use referals,past coporate accounts that have clout.Then set your price dont offer the cheap stuff,do it right the first time,that will get your higher price.Let the cheap skat cut their own throat.

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