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PPG 3% Hike

Lisa M. Detwiler
Director Business Development

March 16, 2006

To Our PPG AutoGlass Customers:

The auto glass industry has experienced significant change and price
pressures over the last several years with all indication that this trend
is not short-lived. PPG Auto Glass has continued to reduce operating
costs to partially offset increases for energy, labor, health care and
product costs. We are unable to continue to absorb these inflationary
items on our own. Therefore, effective April 10, 2006 PPG Auto Glass
will implement a 3.0% price increase on each glass part.

We do recognize that all industry participants are dealing with similar
rising costs and greatly appreciate your understanding and support. As
always, we remain committed to continuing to identify opportunities to
offset our operating costs without compromising service or the quality
of our products.


Lisa M. Detwiler
Our price keeps getting lower with the TPA.

Re: PPG 3% Hike

Laugh my Mother!@#$%ing ass off .

Re: PPG 3% Hike

Cool that means we get to raise prices to all our insurance clients right?!!!

Re: PPG 3% Hike

here is why they need to raise the prices

PPG Industries Inc. paid Chief Executive Charles E. Bunch $2.25 million in salary and bonus last year. Bunch got $750,000 in base salary in 2005, a 25 percent increase over his $600,000 base salary in 2004, and a bonus of $1.5 million, according to a proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Downtown-based glass, paint and chemicals company. Bunch was named president and CEO on March 31 and chairman effective July 1, succeeding Raymond W. LeBoeuf, who retired as chairman July 1. LeBoeuf received $557,693 as base salary in 2005, and a $775,000 bonus. PPG's annual meeting will be April 20 in the East Club Lounge at Heinz Field. Shareholders are being asked to approve a plan to consolidate several of the company's existing compensatory plans.

Re: PPG 3% Hike

We need to stop supporting PPG unless LYNX allows us to pass through the delivery charge and 3% increase. If we continue to support PPG we all deserve to go out of business!

PS after this post, I will probably be banned from the web site.

Re: PPG 3% Hike

Pilkington is next...

Re: PPG 3% Hike

Don't despaire, if glass goes up 3%,certain glass companies can notify certain billing services so they can notify certain industrie standards companies so they can adjust list prices so we can do the work for 5% less. Does anyone have doubts about whether or not this board is watched?

Re: PPG 3% Hike

Listen, I don't like a 3% price increase any more than the rest of you, but in reality a 2 million dollar salary for a CEO is in range of, if not lower than, salaries for many, many corporate giant Chiefs. I mean, should they make $50,000.00/yr? Huge companies fight hard to hire top execs that will produce for them and the shareholders (but it still sucks)....

Re: PPG 3% Hike

As soon as the Pilkington price increase is announced (not that I know one will be) then I think it is time for NAGS to stop publishing a "list" price. The NAGS list price is already so out of touch with real costs it is laughable. Just yesterday we had a FW2372GGN NAGS list was approx. $4 more than the FW2371GGN, yet actual cost was approx. $20 higher on the FW2371GGN. So NAGS published a lower list price for a part with a higher cost from the manufacturer. I know this is only $20-25 we are talking of, but it is just one example.

Add to this the fact that NAGS will not even discuss how they arrive at these prices, that they do not grant "emergency list" allowances when rising fuel costs which impact our cost directly (fuel surcharges), and now one supplier, PPG, is adding a 3% cost increase per part, and you have a new 'rebalanced' NAGS that is out of line with AGR reality and only publishing a LIST price so their(MITCHELL) largest customer (the insurance industry) can continue to post record profits.

We have already notified our software supplier that we no longer wish to use NAGS in our software for pricing, and wish for them to also now include both PPG and PILKINGTON MSRP listings in the software. I encourage any of you considering the relevance of the NAGS published "benchmark"(what a joke, but great legal term, to let your software providers know you wish for the same changes.

I am not blaming NAGS for all the woes of our industry, we each have our own fights and many issues that NAGS has nothing to do with as well, but the NAGS "price benchmark" is one issue, a large issue, that must be dealt with or done away with.

Have a great day everyone

Re: PPG 3% Hike

Yeah I doubt PPG will have Lynx adjust the billable discounts to reflect the glass shop's rise in cost of goods we purchase from PPG.
I think PPG will loose a lot of customers or at least their sales volume will slow down even more now. I don't see PLK or Mygrant doing the same as PPG. Those two will just see an increase in sales!

Re: Re: PPG 3% Hike

Dont bet on it. Pilkington will raise prices for sure. Why do you think they are buying up all the small suppliers.

Re: PPG 3% Hike

Is it time to start buying the NORTHSTAR junk for $40-$90 all the common ones anyway? that would put a hurt on pilk. and ppg. hmmm. the ins ind and tpa's don't care if junk is installed. It just hurts the good installers who care about quality, then again, maybe northstar, chineese glass is just the same as ppg chineese crap.

Re: Re: PPG 3% Hike

Why lower your professionalism.So the molding will fly off on the 1191 you just put in.Or they ship you a 1169 with no molding.Lower price is not allways better,look at a major co. that should have learned that on wholesale.

Re: Re: PPG 3% Hike

It's time to start billing real prices through a new network. Do quality work, charge for it, and have your industry consolidate the pricing and invoicing information through a new source. Then send it to the insurance companies direct and eliminate the networks altogether. If you can't do that much, you'll never get a fair shake.

Re: PPG 3% Hike

You're right J Armstead, it's called NEON.

Re: PPG 3% Hike

I believe you are absolutely RIGHT. I was venting!!! I refuse to let the tpa's and ins ind. make me lower my standards! Neon maybe the only hope! TNX!

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