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Has anyone had this?Customer weve put in w/s for twice,no problem.He called GEICO told me 100 ded,which had been right last 2 times.Said rep said send bill with policy,dol and sig.Same as last 2 times,after job done,we fax say no one noted talking to customer.He has her name and time.Then GEICO says we changed him to 500 ded.Customer not told.Says 2001 Jag Vanplas to old.Approve replacement.Customer ex mayor from NY.They tell him will fix.Turn over to SGC. with everything approved but ded. problem.OEM parts used.GEICO paid SGC but were not,SGC says miss keyed.Start all over,customer wrote CEO of GEICO,no response.Guess he gets ****** tomorrow when call for my money,over 60 days.Another game by SGC.Have all docs if anyone needs.Also hes still got 500 ded.wont renew.


I have done a few installs that the coverage was verified at the first but then with further review somebody made a mistake or something else happened. I don't know. Anyway the bottom line I did a job that was ultamatly not covered because of the deductiable. If the insured argues and does not pay you have to take them to small claims court. The TPA does not hold any liabiality for telling you it was covered. It remindes me of the times when Farmers agents would tell you that someone had a 60 ded or full glass and then after you did the work the insured then really had a 500 ded. I still had to get my money from the insured. Its part of doing business......d


Actually, there is a school of thought towards responsibility to the insurer and TPA if they misinform you and the consumer of the deductible.

It's call Estoppel. (sp?) The insurer, and/or their TPA, has a responsibility to be accurate for the information they give out. That's their job, after all. If they give out incorrect info, and you base decisions on it......well.....the point is, document the calls, and check your state laws. If it does violate state laws, then you must have the proof that it happened to pursue it.

THis issue is not a new one.

Re: Re: GEICO ans SGC

That was one point we are using to get the other400 ded.My customer is persuing the ded change without his knowledge.We are persuing our moneyand the fact we did not have SGC involved,plus GEICO approved everything before it even went to SGC.My point is my agreement was with GEICO,why did they send to SGC and why pay them.We did the work,we did the verification,we take the liabilty.Where does TPA come in?

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