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competitions employees

One of my comptitions installers comes by on saturday, (we are the only shop open) and wants to buy a w1317 for his little brothers truck, his boss won't give him a break on the glass he was told you pay the same as customers 15 off list so I sold it to him for 30 off, if my employee needs a window for family I charge them 10% above cost

Re: competitions employees

I cleaned up this thread a bit. So far I've been able to keep Protek, Dogg, whatever name he goes by, out of the forum so I assure you, this is not that guy. I'm not sure what kind of comments drglass is looking for with this thread - I think its nice that an employer takes care of their employees. When I worked as a bartender at a well known restaurant chain that was named for a Rolling Stones song we only got a 40% discount on food if we worked and 15% if you came in with your family on your day off. Personally I thought they could have hooked us up with a free burger or chicken fingers when we worked. So - lets try to keep it civil. Negetivity is so counter-productive.

Peace and love.

Re: competitions employees

OK, I'll bite. I am in the wholesale/distribution business. Our policy is free windshields (with a few exceptions) for employees vehicles. They are to have one of our loyal customers install the part. We will provide the urethane and moulding if needed at no cost and comp the installer $50 off their next purchase. This rule may apply to tempered, depending upon the cost. Immediate family (mom, dad, brother, sister) can buy at a price near cost and they pay the installer, which is usually arranged by the employee with a qualified and loyal customer.

Re: competitions employees

Our employees pay what we pay.

Re: competitions employees

hey DL, my company wants to work for you. it would sure give me a little buying power. ha ha

Re: competitions employees

Nice job. When you're looking for new employees you can reference your competitors unwillingness to help them out. One of the cardinal rules of business: 'Take care of your employees and they will take care of you'.

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