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Help w/rear view mirror

Need suggestions for removal of rear view mirror on an 03 Toyo Landcruiser.

The screws are set in Lock Tight...or ???

Thanks for any suggestions. ~Western Wishes~

Re: Help w/rear view mirror

I believe that is correct about the loctite. Try Getting the tip of a screwdriver red hot and sitting it on the screw and letting the heat transfer for 45 seconds to a minute then try to loosen it again.

Re: Help w/rear view mirror

The best thing I can recommend is removing the light assembly over the mirror this way you can disconnect the wire to the mirror and remove it still on the glass this makes it easier to work with when the glass is removed no matter what use a # 3 phillips head heated the brass screw does not strip as easily one thing for sure they can be a ***** If all fails the screws can be drilled out and a new one can be used !!!

Re: Help w/rear view mirror

We have had to run to a Toyota dealership to get the brass screws for these, find out they don't fit, then off to the hardware store.

Re: Help w/rear view mirror

Thanks everyone who replied. We did just as you all had stated. What a pain for removal!! All for a mirror?!?! Ugghhh!!

I'm always amazed at how the "designers", think things through for future replacement of parts...they don't!!!!!!

Thanks once again for offering your help!~Western Wishes~

Re: Help w/rear view mirror

would not recommend disconnecting from wiring, try a inpact driver, and if all else fails remove bracket with mirror attached and remove bracket on new w/s. tricky but can be done. weird part about screw is the tread does not go all the way to top if you replace from hardware store make sure you strip treads about 1/4" at top.

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