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This was posted on Deltas forum thought it might help.

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Removing the Cowl on late model BMW's


I recently had the opportunity to work on a late model BMW, I think it was 2000 Z5 or something...anyway on the cowl under the drivers side wiper blade is an oval shaped metal piece that I could not remove. Can anyone help me understand why? is there a special tool? or am I just too worried about scarring the car? Please Help

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Re: Removing the Cowl on late model BMW's


This is not one of the brighter designs from BMW. It has to be removed in order to get the cowl off. I use a Snap On 2 jaw gear puller to remove it. I purchased it after running into it for the first time at a BMW dealer. The lead BMW tech showed me his and I bought it off the Snap On truck the same week. The part # is CG-240. Here it is on their site.
Never had any luck with any other tool for removing it. Haven't been able to find another brand gear puller that will work. Most are too small or too big. (can't get under hood or not wide enough to get under the edges)
This tool also works great for most wiper arms that are either rusted on or just won't come off with traditional methods, so its usage is for more than just BMW.
I will give you a tip when you do remove it. Before you do, take a black marker and put a SMALL line on the cowl showing the exact direction of it. I have seen many techs put them back on thinking they go straight up/down. Before you remove, you will see that they should be set just slightly clockwise. The line will give you a guide mark to set it back on correct. This is important because how you set this piece determines where the wiper will eventually lay once it is put back on. No fun getting the wiper back on and realizing you have to pull everything back off and readjust.


Thanks Lee, That is very helpful, appreciate the post. Dave


We just installed a w/s on an 98 BMW 70. Had the same problem. Tried heating it, beating it (with the nut on), thought about putting w/s in without removing it or the cowl. Just couldn't bring myself to do that! Went to O'rileys auto parts, got a cheap gear puller. Had to put the puller "L" legs just foward of wiper center. Put tension on it (a lot). Sprayed a lot of silicone on the threaded stud and walked away. 5 min later came back put another twist on the puller and walked away. Came back to it, little more tension then took a flat screwdriver, got it under where the puller was and started to tap with a small hammer. POPPED right off. Wasn't gonna let it get me and didn't.


Also used puller, barely fits on there, but after tension(yes alot), tapped(with authority) with hammer a couple of times and it pops off, cuts out the silicone and 5 minute walk away times


yep... tried that first but it still wouldn't budge.Thats why the silicon. Was trying anything. Plus I am my own csr, manager and tech. Had to awnser the phone a couple times. But it still came off.


Buy the wiper puller from a BMW dealer it costs about 100 dollars it takes it right off and putting it back on insert piece into wiper arm and put them on together


I agree Bob. The BMW tech showed me his and it was a Snap On brand. Have never had to do anything but just hook it under and give it a screw down and it pops everytime without any fight. Like I said, we have looked and looked to find another brand/style that will work at a better price, but just haven't found any that perform. Well worth the investment.

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