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95 BMW 325 Door Glass

Need some help. Mobile guy was out on a R/F door glass replace today on a 95 325 2 door. Frameless window and it has the feature that lowers/raises the glass when the door opens/closes. Well, he got the glass in but the feature would not work. I could only do so much over the phone so at this point, the customer is rescheduled to bring it in shop.
Now, I spoke to a tech at our local BMW dealer. His tip got that feature working but now the window is stopping randomly when closing the window. (only does it when closing?) Will go up 4", drop back 2". Tap switch and up 4", drop back down 2". Finally got it running up/down about 4 times then all of the sudden it started again. It's to the point now where it only stops 1 time at 3/4 closed and the open/close feature is still working OK.
The tech's tip which has helped was to run the glass all the way down and continue holding the switch for 10 seconds. Then run the glass up and hold the switch for another 10 seconds. This seems to be working, but I think I am still missing something. Anyone have any tips? He said the switch for the open/close feature is in the latch. This prompted me to have my guy do the up/10 seconds down/10 seconds both with the door closed and with the door open.
I have done several fixes on the Toyota Auto Up feature which is just a matter of detaching the motor from the regulator and running for 6 seconds but I don't think that will work here.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS in advance!

Re: 95 BMW 325 Door Glass

Forgot to mention. My tech said the drivers window has auto up but the passenger window did not auto up at any time. Anyone know if it does? The hesitating going up and then dropping back is a symptom that the Toyota auto up feature has when it is out of sync.

Re: 95 BMW 325 Door Glass

Maybe the motor is shot...

Re: 95 BMW 325 Door Glass

sounds like you may need to rewind the motor. not familiar with bmw's but I think in some cars when the glass is broken it allows the regulator to go up further than normal and screws up the mechanical timing. Toy with that idea because I dont have a more specific example. On some cars you have to disconnect the motor from the regulator. could numerous reasons. Let us know what you find

Re: 95 BMW 325 Door Glass

Actually, both of you have valid points. Glassgod, we were concerned that due to the extensive operation of the motor, it was getting hot and decided to stop at that point. Definate possibility of motor failure or having a dead spot in it.
Slim, I know the motors on the Toyota's can be removed from the regulator and "rewound" to restore their setting. Have done many of them. We just aren't sure if that will do anything on the BMW. BMW regulators are a bit more cumbersome to get in/out unlike the toyotas which take all of 30 seconds.
will let you know what we find when the customer brings it in.
Thanks for the help!!!!

Re: 95 BMW 325 Door Glass

Good luck Sid and please let us know what you did to fix it...good for future reference. Thanks.

Re: 95 BMW 325 Door Glass

SYD; start the car & make sure both doors are closed, then try the ten second switch trick, if this does'nt work then there may be some glass in the regulator that is causeing friction(it may be sensing that the window is shut all the way or open) & if all is clear then you may have to pull the fuse for the automatic sensor to reset it. The window must move freely with no hesitation otherwise it thinks it is already closed or open fully. Now if all this fails then there maybe some damage from the initial break & I would recomend that they take it to the dealer.

Re: 95 BMW 325 Door Glass


Got the car in shop. Pulled the door panel and was baffled as to what is happening. The window DOES have auto up feature. Ended up taking a towel and wiping out all of the channels with moving parts for the regulator and the vertical slide in the rear of the door. Was concerned that there might be glass in there or just not sliding free from old lube. The reverse feature for the auto stop seemed VERY sensitive. After repeatedly doing the up/down and hold switch for 10 seconds, I got it to the point of working except the auto up. If I held the switch, it would go up as it supposed to everytime. If I press and let go using the auto up feature, it would go/stop go/stop. As it ended, the customer was not concerned with the auto up and has no problem just holding the switch to put it up. Everyone happy!!
One last note. Funny thing is that 2 of the vehicles I put windshields in today, a 00 Audi TT and an 06 Honda Ridgeline BOTH HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM!!! The TT passenger door glass would go up with the auto up and then retract to half way down, everytime! The 06 Ridgeline drivers door glass, use the auto up feature and same thing!! What the heck is going on here!!

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