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Make your voices heard - Attn. MN shops!

I got a response from my Sen. on the letters I wrote. Nothing is going to be done this year because, basically, NOT ENOUGH people are complaining.

My state Sen. talked to the Commerce Dept. and the Attorney Gen. The Attny. Gen. did advise him to send me copies of the formal complaint forms to file against TPA's, but other than that, as far as the state is concerned, the problems with our industry are a non-issue because NOT ENOUGH of us a making our voices heard.

Just a few of us fighting won't be too effective, as I think my letter indicates. SPEAK UP,'s not too late! The way I see it, being silent is the same as accepting the declining profits and the whole gamut of hassles TPA's come up with.

Re: Make your voices heard - Attn. MN shops!

JESS , WE ARE WITH YOU. When you get the complaint forms put some copies with stuff for us and let me know. We will get together or I'll send ya some postage to get them to us. WE WILL SPEAK UP! WAY TO AGAIN GAL!

Re: Make your voices heard - Attn. MN shops!

Not enough people complaining, or you're the only one complaining are classic tactics, and likely come from insurer opposition that filled the senators head with notions that rates will rise for consumers if such legislation is pursued. Don't buy it, but then don't stop the pressure either.

We had this happen, and we filled, literally, a committee room for the testimony by shop owners. The senator/chair pulled a nifty seldom used and little known rule of the legislature to submarine us and kill the bill, meaning he lied to us. He'll be gone soon.

Insurers make presence known not so much in open hearings and proceedings as the do behind closed doors in senator's offices. Keep your pressure in the open, and ALWAYS keep consumers interests in front of shop interests.

Re: Make your voices heard - Attn. MN shops!

maybe the webmaster could make up a petition site. 1114 posted to his warning so far.

Re: Make your voices heard - Attn. MN shops!

I have many examples regarding the payment practices of Safelite and the intentional errors they made in payments of invoices last year resulting in short payments and continuous delays We were provided info from the insurers that they paid Safelite more than forwarded to the glass shops. You can't tell me I was the only shop one effected. I have worked extremely hard fighting this and providing examples and now have Robert Commadore at MN DOC seriously looking into it. If successful there is no reason they shouldn't levy fines against the insurer's for Safelites errors. This will hurt Safelite big time. I have pursued this as far as I can, it is an oppourtunity that the IGA or MIAGA should be all over, yet I can't get anyone to move in for the kill.

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