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Cannot Verify Coverage?

Re: Cannot Verify Coverage?

Anyone else ever notice that SGC will have certain weeks that they "cannot verify coverage" on a regular basis?

It is amazing that with all the technology in today's world SGC seems to not be able to verify insurance coverage, when all the other TPA's have no trouble with it. Of course, they can send that job right to their shop in a matter of minutes with no verification!

Sorry it sounds like I am picking on SGC all the time, I am not. I am so dissappointed when one of the largest glass chains and TPA's in our industry causes so much hassle and confusion for my customers! We never have this much trouble with NETCOST, LYNX, HARMON or any of the others.

Re: Cannot Verify Coverage?

Safelite has a "secret" phone number for network shops where they can get instant verification, while at the same time a non-network shop cannot.

Is this crooked and shady? Of course, but then again it is Safelite.

Re: Cannot Verify Coverage?

The funnies part is, some of the companies that they "cannot verify" we are still on a 'network contract' with! So there should be no reason to hassle the customer with those companies. We are already listed as a 'preferred provider'(for whatever that is worth) through SGC with those companies and they still play these games and cause the insured such much hassle and confusion. It is just sad that they have to conduct business that way, when it can be so much easier and less hassle for the insured.

Re: Cannot Verify Coverage?

When they tell us it's in coverage verification, under no circumstances will we do the work 'til we get the FAX. I don't care if it takes a month to verify it, if you do the work first it will be very very hard to get paid. I tell the customer exactly what is going on, and direct them to their agent; they can call SGC and fight with them. It usually gets verified real quick when the agent gets involved.

Re: Cannot Verify Coverage?

We also get the agent involved, and make the point of exactly how helpful SGC has been to ******** their, and our, consumer.

Re: Cannot Verify Coverage?

We do the work and have the customer sign a workorder authorizing the work be performed and agreeing to pay the bill if the ins. co. does not.

We have felt compelled to do this, as in the past SGC would throw the job to 'verification' and then call the customer the next day, or later the same day, tell them our company was 'to busy' but they could send one of their techs right out to their home or work. Took a few months to decide the best way around this tactic.

We do try to get agents involved and have been very successful in most cases. But some agents and companies simply do not want to help, using the old 'call the TPA that is there job' line sadly.

Re: Cannot Verify Coverage?

CCC I have also had an insured told by safelite that we were "booked up" 5 mins after we talked to the insured about doing the job . Then they tried to send their people out , luckily I had already warned the customer of these slim-shady's and all went as planned for this small shop .

Id not allow safelite to control any part of the appointment they are just to un-trustworthy to allow this. Kinda like the fox in control of security on the hen house ?

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