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Cowl AND FASTENERS on 2001 ford focus . (water leak as well)

Did a Job in late November for a kid who had just purchased a Focus used from a family member, the cowl pops onthese things break like 50 50 of the time I try to carefully remove them , so we use 2 part body shop bumper epoxy to help the guy out.

I get a call today that eht "windshield" is leaking ..

I ask the customer to describe the "leak" to me after specifically asking him if its just on the floor on the right side and he said yes it is !

He apparently has like an inch of water on the floor only on the right side with no evidence of any dripping on the 3 sides of the glass just water on the floor . I try to explain to him that these types of leaks are normally from the heater box/firewall or fresh inlet under the cowl . He has a "mechanic" who turns out to be his uncle play with a hose and they determine its coming into the heater box because the glass is improperly installed and the cowl is "loose" I offer to have alook at the car IN SHOP where I can pressure test the seal and water test/photograph any findings because the guy is flipping out on my office help after the 3rd call (we do not do intensive warranty work on the road)

Just hoping somebody else has seen this on a focus before and has some ideas, if theres a TSB out on them Id like to know. sorry for the rant !

Re: Cowl AND FASTENERS on 2001 ford focus . (water leak as well)

glue right side of cowl down just on the edge.. there is a tsb on this. glue should fix the problem.

Re: Cowl AND FASTENERS on 2001 ford focus . (water leak as well)

If I remember right, there is a lip on the cowl panel that goes under the pinchweld on the right side. This deflects water away from the vent intake. When water gets around this, the floorboard gets wet. I've seen GM cars that have the same problem. There's a rubber dam that can fall down and cause the same wet floor board.

Re: Re: Cowl AND FASTENERS on 2001 ford focus . (water leak as well)

We take the passenger side cowl down, seal with butyl dam tape at top part of cowl panel. make sure it seals to the clean w/s. this problem also occurs on taurus and linc.

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