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How the win the price war

I believe I know how to move the glass business to be profitable as it once was. First the problem will not go away. Insurance companies and banks are the two most regulated businesses in the US. Second- We as glass shops are the solution. I have ideas which I've not tested but am in the process of doing so. A. I will in the near future have a web site which I will direct my insurance customers to. It will explain in simple details how the "aftermarket business is a scam" tho not using the "S" (SCAM) word. B. It will explain how I do business, I give the customer the normal written guarantee for as long as they own their vehicle and in return I bill them direclty, they pay me by cash, check or credit card. The invoice I give them comes with the instructions and an envelope stamped, including the address for where to send the bill to their insurance company. They will get reimbursed by their insurance company. When the majority of the glass shops in the US do this Safelite and LYNX will be gone quickly...
any ideas.

Re: How the win the price war

might have to hold the check till they call and can cover it.

Re: How the win the price war

I have to agree with bob.My state is not a wealthy state (per say).We do have a couple of shops and mobile people who do this,however i do get a number of calls specifically asking if we direct bill the insurance.They do not want to pay out of pocket cuz they have insurance and feel that they should not have to pay ANYTHING,including up to $200 off their deductible.Thw agents here tell their insureds to find a shop that will waive the most. Almost 75% of the shops here will waive 50% to 100% off.You will get a few that will pay you up front,but the majority of the public will question why you don't direct bill.Most of the time it goes in one ear and out the other,they turn around and go to a shop that will direct bill.If you feel that this is your only option then more power to ya.good luck and i hope that it does.

Re: How the win the price war

Great idea Raymond...I really hope it works for your customer base, and hopefully others. We have the same type of customer base as Karl. Not willing to pay the bill, then be reimbursed by the insurance.
~Western Wishes~

Re: How the win the price war

We have discussed this idea as well. I am concerned that we'll loose a lot of volume because most shops out there won't make them pay up front.

And, how does the customer know if the insurance company will reimburse them in full?

Won't many companies stick the insured with a short pay (e.g., Progressive, Enumclaw, Nationwide, GEICO, etc.)?

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