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Glass Manufac. held responsible??

I have read previous threads on FYG and other glass brands being contaiminated with some type of film. We clean the frits as directed...scrubed then primed, but recently we are seeing a couple vech.'s w/FYG glass, where the urethene pulled from the frit. The urethene is great adhesion to the body of the vech.

Is there a way to get the glass manufactures to be held responsible?

I've been told that the glass manufacturers won't/don't tell the urethene companies what their release agent is. (which then again, is the urethene manufacturer passing the buck onto us?)

When looking at the AGR industry as a whole...with all the problems there EVERYTHING falls upon the glass installers/shops...sure is a very tough industry to be in. Just some thoughts...
~Western Wishes~

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

It could be a catch 22. The adhesive failed because of the glass, but the glass manuf. will claim that you didn't clean the glass properly even though you followed the prescribed procedures as set by the adh. manufacturer. Either way, the tech and the shop get screwed. And it's not just FYG, it almost any glass that we've (the shop I work at) been getting that's made in China.

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

Ya and this is why I closed one of my shops today and I will close the other two within a year hopefully. I am sick of this industry. I am going to go make bagels or something. This way I dont have to worry about being sued when the cream cheeese doesnt stick to the bagel correctly.

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

NC i thought you were doing alright, hopefully you are just joking?

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

I dunno yet. Business is steady but not where I want it to be. We are making money but I am sick and tired of the politics involved with this business. Every time we turn around there are new list prices, different discounts, cash price wars until there are no profits involved any more. Yes this is great for the customers wallet, but not for the shop owner. It is just sad that the industry has become so corrupt and that the rest of the glass shops will not get together to fix this problem with the insurance companies. If and when I do close my doors, I will not open another auto glass related business. I will open a business that has nothing to do with the insurance industry at all. Then the price on my products will be just that. This is the price, you either want it or you dont. No more of this 50% off for you but he only gets 10% off, but next tuesday he will get 20% off but if you cross the street the same part costs 40% less. Its such crap. I used to enjoy my job and owning this business, now the industry is becoming a joke. For example, I just did 2 Scions 2 days apart. One before the Nags list price change and one after. Both for the same insurance company but yet I made $80 less on the second one. Maybe I will buy a hot dog truck.

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

NC Glass Shop-

You are so correct about the garbage in this industry. I couldn't agree with you more.

Have you relayed this exact post to your local legislators? I am not saying that will do any good, but it would be interesting to see their reaction to a locally owned company closing doors because of industry issues that are seemingly ignored.

I wish you much luck in your future. And please feel free to rub it in when you are making $$$ in your new venture. Maybe you can throw some our way.

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

if you are still making money,i would be thankful.

i would be very happy to just break even for a while till things turn around.

my problem is that i don't know anything but glass, i have heard of people who buy businesses and own them for a few years and sell them. I just can't imagine doing anything else. when my time comes, hopefully later than sooner, i will be forced to grow up and figure out what to do with the rest of my life. what career do you start when your 50?

i guess crawling around on a skylight today has me a little philosophical.

best wishes for you, no matter what avenue you decide to take.

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

For several years, my wife has been bugging me to open my own shop and I kept saying "No". I don't need the headaches and I've considered getting out of the industry myself. As a tech, I see other techs rewarded for their numbers not their quality, shops flurish by using poor quality materials and labor while quality shops struggle just to make ends meet. It's getting old having to clean up someone elses mess.

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

Thanks to all who responded!

I also agree with the ones thinking about quiting this industry. I would never recommend anyone get into this industry. I am a 3rd generation AGR-owner. I've been working in the industry for 21 years. I too, have seen nothing but a down hill spiral... everything from crummy glass, to the sales rep/wholesale companies bad attitudes. And don't forget the part trying to get paid from insurance companies. We too are thinking about getting out. Life is too short! ~Western Wishes~

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

COme on guys, we can force a positive change to take place in this industry. Quitting is exactly what the giants want you to do. There are a lot of great ideas and suggestions that are posted on this site and I think that the bottom line is that we have been our own worse enemy. Stop signing O&A's -put the TPA's out of business and demand to get paid a fair price with a reasonable margin.

As for contamination, every manufacturer's rep I have spoken with, both domestic and foreign, advises that the frit band should be scrubbed with a scotchbrite pad and glass cleaner to ensure proper adhesion. It's a simple step in the process that costs vertually nothing.

Best wishes friends!

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

Good Post ST. I agree.

First, an encouraging thought: There must be more and more shops dropping the TPAs and billing direct, or we wouldn't be getting all the faxes prohibiting it. LOL So, I believe that many shops are finally listening to their accountants and not the networks. I am glad to see shops taking control of their own businesses.

Second, to the scrub, we buy the red scotchbrite pads and cut them down to 1" X 1" squares, scrub and dispose of them. Easy, takes about an extra minute. We have no comebacks. Really happy with that system. Also, to be sure, if we even notice a HINT of 'gassing' of the primer, the WS gets returned, not installed. My suppliers know we are anal about cleaning, and don't complain one bit. We have had only a few, but I'm sad to say, we've seen it on domestics, not Chinese, and always encapsulated. I think it's encapsulation release agent causing the problem.

Anyway...back to work, everyone have a great day!

Re: Glass Manufac. held responsible??

Now is the time to get your legislators involved EVERYONE MUST DO IT. If not, the ins. co. (thru the advice of their TPA) will dictate not only the price, but the billing procedures as well. Call your regional claims managers. Verify that this is THEIR policy, not SGC’s. Many times these are SGC policies or “standard industry practices” as SGC likes to tell them.

I believe many ins. co. claim managers DO NOT even know that SGC is controlling this aspect of the claims process. Ask HAL, I think he will be the first to admit he may have blindly trusted in his company’s TPA and has learned to be better in touch with what is really going on. Would you agree HAL?

We spoke with one regional claims manager yesterday that was furious that 1) SGC would not take most of the information from our CSR, 2) that they demanded that only the policyholder talk to them 3) then asked that policyholder the same information about 4 times and 4) would not provide us an alternative billing means, they said we had to bill through SGC. Needless to say the customer lodged a complaint with their agent and we did likewise with the regional office. For once, the regional office was upset and admitted they were having some "challenges and complaints" with their current TPA.

KEEP IT UP SGC. Your brilliant marketing will only go so far, it just can't cover over your sub par service forever. Many glass shops and ins. co. are getting wise. And agents are getting wise also. Many are not blindly "steering" clients to SGC as they used to, they are fed up with looking stupid for sending the insured to SGC and then having to deal with all the complaints and unsatisfied policyholders.

Of course this is just MY opinion based on MY experiences. I am sure SGC is the best company ever according to everyone else.

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