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Metryx trix .

My friend has stayed on with the metryX hoax in high hopes of maintaining theyre share of the insurance rfeferrals , only to find that they have not done one state farm job in 2 months and 2 allstate that were over 50 miles from the shops location . I find it hard to believe they can justify these programs when the jobs are not distributed with any fair game , rather the smaller shop is just a kicking dog for the scraps that NOBODY WANTS anyhow. I told him it would be easier to not even bother with that welfare system Lynx/PPG has shoved up his tailpipe .

I was curious if anyone else that stayed on the network has seen a BIG decline in the amount of work they were doing pre-post Metryx .
Funny how they constanly throw "fair and reasonable" wording out there but are unable to comply to even a scent of the words they demand the shops to eat .

This industry needs a tune up .

Re: Metryx trix .

I to have seen a decline from state farm, and I still did the agrss thing!What a joke.I also have been doing jobs in towns I never did before because of this.what the!!!

Re: Metryx trix .

I just thik they should be held accountable to the folks that signed up for that BS , like for instance they should be required to explain how a shop is chosen is it trade credentials,is it shops size? custom offers? is it price ? How can they be fair and this guy has got 2 jobs in rural areas fueled by his city rate only?

Why are they not held accountable to their practices by anyone ?

Re: Metryx trix .

BECAUSE, this industry has too little backbone from too many shops. I will say there are those of us who did not fall for the TRIX. And I certainly hope for the day when most the shops will have the BACKBONE, to not allow this kind of treatment!!!

Re: Metryx trix .

As I posted earlier, Lynx want's to suggest one shop over another. They do not call that steering, it is a suggestion. Yeah right. I have heard other shop's say they have noticed a drop in Lynx work.

Re: Re: Metryx trix .

Its odd,we didnt sign up and got more claims at our rates.Also noticed rise in repairs and customer still pays all ded.Another line is they are not our preffered shop so we cant warranty their work.But they will still say were preffered ang send a different job.My thought is stand up we are professionals/We should be paid that way.

Re: Metryx trix .

Ok.....I have posted alott of stuff on this board...Usually ****** off at Lynx.. PPG...Metrx crap.

I will admitt that it is strange for me to post this.
I decided that I would stay on Metryx for one month just to see,,,,Well..I am still on. My StateFarm dispatches doubled and my Allstate has trippled. To the point of having to hire another tech.....I am just a little mom and pop shop...Why did I increase and evryone decrease?

I aint gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

Re: Metryx trix .

There are generally two 'reports' circulating from shops. One is that quantity dropped, regardless of whether or not the shop signed on to Metryx, with most saying that they didn't.

The other is from those that didn't, and a growing number of them report getting the prices they (the shop) are setting. Now, bear in mind, these people are not charging ridiculous prices.

I think that the 'referrals' game is still being played, but I also think that the Farm knows that they, and Lynx, have pushed the edge of the envelope on both pricing, and shop tolerance.

Members dropped, and prices are going up for all of us to such a huge degree, even the Farm can't hide behind the 'majority of shops accept' line.

AGR, you seem to be the exception to the rule, so to speak, if your referrals are up and you are just a small shop. Is it possible that it's Y O U R reputation and advertising that did it, and NOT Metryx? I'd think about that if I were you, because if it isn't, then it likely means that the players around you didn't sign up, so you're getting a few more referrals. I still say referrals will likely go to large buyers of glass, not the small shops. Economies of scale just dictate that this will happen.

In any case, it strikes me that Lynx and Metryx are in full defensive mode over this. I think they should be. If we listen to the press releases on Bytes, then the 20% loss in members a month after the deadline would be just massive, and then to read that they only have 8500 signed nationwide by January? I think those should ring like a cannon shot in our ears.

Re: Metryx trix .

AGR are you a metro or rural shop? And I believe Mark1 is right on, it's either about you and "your" customer base or the lack of shops around who gave into them!

Re: Metryx trix .

I am interested in who is getting paid their shop rates thru Lynx? We bill out at our shop rates, but they only pay the usual pre-announced Lynx rates.

What are they doing to get their own rates?

We ususally do get 42 above for SF jobs, but we have to put up with collecting the $$ from the customer to get that rate.

Re: Metryx trix .

We are a metro shop in an area that has a glass shop on every corner and twice as many working out of the back of a truck.

I was one of the last hold outs in this area to sign up for Metryx

Could be just my customer base......Strange timing though.......I am no fan of Lynx...Metryx or any of the other BS. Pretty much every shop that I know of is on Metryx. Who knows.

Re: Metryx trix .


Re: Metryx trix .

I don't know if anyone will find this interstesting or not, but my shop HAS NEVER had any contact WHAT-SO-EVER from Metryx.

If it weren't for industry publications and this board, I wouldn't know the first thing about it.

All of my State Farm claims are paid directly from State Farm (as I direct bill) and on the extaordinarily RARE occassion of an Allstate claim, it is handled directly by the local agent.

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