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Independent Glass bought out by PPG

Just received confirmation that PPG has bought Independent. PPG takes over Jan. 26th.

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG

Which Independent?

There are a bunch of them around the country.

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG

See Glassbytes alert.

Independant Glass Distributors, a subsidiary of Iowa Glass Depot. But Iowa will keep their retail stores.

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG
Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG

Still no 'ownership' of retail shops, but the financial tie-in is undeniable.

Whom do you think Iowa will be buying from? And what do you think PPG's financial incentive is to 'refer' to Iowa Glass' retail shops?

Units, Units, Units. Gee, that's Safelite's mantra, isn't it? What a coincidence.

Ah, well, since there is no tie in between PPG and Lynx, this is all moot.

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG

what about the alliance claims? iowa glass owns that alliance claims center, i wonder if they are making more money doing claims than wholesaling glass?

one thing about alliance, they tell me to bill direct if i am over their allowed rate.

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG

I'm sure it will come out that PPG got a 2 or 3 year deal from Iowa to purchase glass for their retail locations. Why else would they buy Independent? They can only sell to themselves and body shops. Also heard Lynx would like to start making suggestions to the insured on which shop to use. Look out all of you small mom and pops.

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG

I can tell ya one reason they bought Independent. In Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin market there has always been two main players: PPG, & Independent Glass(which was preceeded by and purchased from Hoffer's Glass, an independent wholesaler since 1925). We could buy from Pilkington in Chicago but logistically that was difficult, can't will call 70 miles away and they only had a nite run. Then Pilkington came to Milwaukee 6 years ago, so now that PPG has taken over Independent we are back down to two vendors, whom happen to be the largest manufacturers on the planet. This is about controlling prices and the marketplace. State Farm is very big here too...fill in the blanks. PPG is being very cold hearted to their existing employees also. They are closing the warehouse they have been in 30 years and moving to the existing Independent Glass warehouse, and the 5 or 6 people I talked to and have known for 20 years at PPG have not been told if they are being retained or not. Most are looking for other opportunities instead of waiting for the ax to fall.

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG for GA to purchase the retail shops soon..It is a better fit for them than the AGS deal was...

Re: Independent Glass bought out by PPG

Just had an Independent delivery guy in here a while ago, and he says he thinks they're simply out of a job. This guy was out of the Minneapolis warehouse. We also have a PPG rep coming this afternoon.


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