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Neon SLOW Paying...

Was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing EXTREMELY SLOW PAYMENTS from Neon? When we first started billing through them we received payment rather quickly. But now we have some several months old and was just checking if this is occuring with anyone else?

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

that's almost laughable, trying to badmouth neon, which ins co/tpa do you work for?

i have no problems with neon, with the exception of the short pay part, which is their job to actively pursue. in addition i can get paid within 72 hours if i elect to from neon.

guess you will have to look elsewhere to stir up trouble.

thanks for your contibution to this forum.

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

Have not seen it here. Neon is right up to speed and a joy to work with. Only sgc, lynx, Harmon, and Alliance are slow, sometimes real slow. Neon does NOT sit on the funds and prosper from our hard work. Like the last poster said,, stirring this pot won't get you anywhere! LOL!

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

We are not on the quick pay program and it has taken a while, but we have started to receive checks now.

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

Agreed to 'stirring the pot'.

Neon is overcoming every obstacle deliberately placed in their path one by one, and me thinx dat sum-bodeez in high places are getting very nervous, judging by the opposition's tactics to slow them down.

A shop only helps itself by using Neon. It is truly a power in numbers issue. The more, the merrier.

The odd part about Accounts Recievables post is, so what if you were getting slow payments from Neon? What would you do? Go back to the networks for fast and fairly priced payments? Ya, riiiiiight. That's an alternative.

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

what the hell is NEON?

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

"What would you do? Go back to the networks for fast and fairly priced payments? Ya, riiiiiight. That's an alternative."

Great point Mark2

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

hey, thanks for the replies.

I work for an Independent Shop and was just fishing for some feedback on NEON from you all. It is true that we have some invoices that are getting old enough now that there is some concern since it wasn't that way in the beginning. I just wanted to see if we needed to re-evaluate our billing procedures in case something was not going well for NEON. I am all for NEON's "mission" for the Independents to get paid "their price" and fully support not supporting any and all the others. I'm glad I didn't get any negative feedback. (maybe it was a bad idea to go about it the way I did - if so I apologize to NEON)

thanks again

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

I am still working on some resmitteded billings for the fourth time I am thinking of neon.

Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

If I may, and sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch, but I don't work for them, so tough......

The Neon Claims Advantage (their name, BTW) is a level playing field supported by the numbers and documentation of such.

Good for consumers, Good for shops, and also Good for insurers, EQUALLY.

Consumers want quality for the dollar, shops want fair pay for the quality, and insurers want to know they aren't being gouged. Equal.

Now, why would anyone argue with a concept like that, unless they weren't happy with equal?


Re: Neon SLOW Paying...


Re: Re: Neon SLOW Paying...

Neon is going through some growing pains, so some payments may have been delayed as their volume increases. But we would rather deal with them anyday compared to any TPA. Their people are nice, knowledgeable, and fair.

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