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Farmers O&A

Anyone else find it interesting that the new Farmers O&A, as well as a few other SGC O&As, are effective January 3, 2006 when the NAGS revision is not until January 9,2006?

Re: Farmers O&A

This thread or one like it was out here this morning,, what happened to it or why was it taken down? Yes I am curious why sgc started before nags update. It used to be were railroaded with higher discounts in response to nags increases.Now we are getting hit as nags devalues many of the most common #'s. We get to take loses from both sides now! In this thread earlier today I tried to discuss how I feel about short pays, and not getting paid what we need for quality and proper work as being a breach of contract. Is this too touchy of a subject? I'm a bit confused as to what happened to this earlier thread. Maybe I'll try to verbalize that in it's own thread, when I get a chance. hmmmm

Re: Farmers O&A

Is kind of awkward! usually any unveiling of nags #'s is appropriatly followed with deeper discounts. Its great that they have thought far enough ahead to butcher the profits for another unseen NAGS update considering they derive some reasoning to lower prices off each new calculator now I guess they don't even need NAGS as a lame excuse huh ?
I'm sure we will get a fax soon saying the wind is blowing farmers wants 10% more off .

Re: Farmers O&A


According to the publisher your earlier post "encouraged group action" so I was told to take it down. Sorry. Just the messenger.

Re: Farmers O&A

sorry, will be more careful, I did not have the intent to suggest any group action. If you still have it e-mail it to me so I can re-read, rethink, and rewrite. thank you webmaster

Re: Farmers O&A

Send me an email and I'll reply to it.


Re: Farmers O&A

I guess this means that along with almost every other part of the NAGS system, TPA's no longer recognize the "release" dates either. Just to funny how less and less of NAGS means anything to anyone. Parts of the industry currently ignores the LIST, the Labor hours, the estimated kits, and now the release dates.

Bye bye NAGS. And I am not sure that is a good thing.

Re: Re: Farmers O&A

I may be off base here. And I did not read the post this morning but what is wrong with group action? Would group action be the best way to deal with the short pays and not being fairly paid as a group? As an outsider I do not like to comment much, but I seem to remember a group action that took place by some of your ancestors in a harbor in Boston. If memory serves me. They felt they were not being treated fairly either.

Re: Farmers O&A

It kind of kills the there that NAGS is the friend of the enemy they don't mean anything either. It is just the extensive market research, or the power to cut cut cut. I would think as a group we can do something they seem to act as a group all with the same language in their faxs.

Re: Farmers O&A

Interesting... nice choice of words

It's also "interesting" that, after receiving my Farmers fax and calling my available suppliers, that not a single one of them plan on lowering what I have to pay for materials.

Myself, I see another opportunity to make "the powers that be" aware of the circumstances I'm trying to conduct business under. I don't see, in any way, shape, or form, how it can be "fair and reasonable" for me to drop the price I charge when my costs don't go down accordingly.

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