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all state tv commerical

anyone besides me saw the all state insurance commerical where they are offering their customers $100.00 a year off their deductible if they do not have a claim (limit 5 years). now let me get this straight...if an all state insured goes a full year without a collision claim, the first claim the next year they reduce their deductible by $100.00 and so on for the next year up to a total of 5 years. someone tell me what they are giving away? also, what is the difference of a glass shop reducing a deductible on a glass claim for one of all state's customers. just wondering.........

Re: all state tv commerical

hmmm THEY ARE JUST FINDING A NEW WAY TO DO WHAT WE CANNOT DO,, WAIVE DEDUCABLES! But you see they can and will do whatever they want until enough PEOPLE Stand up to them and say NO MORE! Also anyone notice how the ins industry is spending thier record profits??? ADS GALORE!! Every commercial block has multiple ads for ins co's. Good nieghbors , good hands, DRIVE, gecos running rampant. All the worst ones POUNDING the American public, with all thier CREATIVE MARKETING!!!!I wonder how many BILLIONS they are spending around the football games???? Anyone care to estimate???

Re: all state tv commerical

Insurance is meant to be paid not used, dont you know ?

Re: all state tv commerical

A good point, TSI.

Insurance is in itself an inherent conflict of interest: For insurer's to be profitable, they need to take money in, but not pay it out.

By the contracts they sell, the opposite is the case.

Of course, it's about the law of averages, but the thing that keeps the feds away, is the stock market....profitable insurance stocks.

On the other hand, that does not explain mutual companies, like State Farm, meaning, in effect, that the policyholders are the stockholders and own the company.

That's pretty funny, now isn't it?

To Webmaster, I didn't get to read the posts that you pulled, but if 'group action' is an issue, how does one explain the doctors and dentists that got together and went after insurers for holding prices down? The resulting settlements from insurers and TPA's were pretty significant, and more: doctors and dentists were allowed to bring up short pays and no pays going back something like seven years, a council was established where the doctors and dentists were present when pay rates were established....many things as I recall.

Again, I didn't read the posts, but a 'group' of people on the internet that don't know who's who from Adam, can't very well conspire to commit anti-trust in my opinion, which likely isn't worth much. As I recall, insurers and networks keep referring to the phone calls they make to shops as 'negotiating' prices, and arriving at those rates that are supposedly accepted by the market at large.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone here recall ever being asked their professional opinion of fair pricing by insurers or networks?

lol lol


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