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Chat at safelite I had today .

I had to pick up a piece today and these guys are the only ones open so I casually asked a few questions of the CSR girl I know there.

She said that for maybe one hour a day the calls they take will be given to network shops, the only ones they refer otherwise are the "have to have it today" people whom they also dump off to non safelite shops.

Now this is where it got interesting, she also says that they charge Geico and a few otheres one price per claim on windshields be it repair replacement etc , its an average price and sometimes the job costs more than the ticket but they make up for it in volume (since they run the network )
So basically the volume is the only way they keep ahead of the rest of us and price fixing guarantee for the insurance industry . She also says they charge the same for a rock damage as a replacement to Geico and a couple other big "on the cheap" ins providers. Im sure I will bilk some more info from her in the future any qustions I need to ask LMK .

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

Do I understand correctly that you are saying she told you that for a certain period of time per day, or time limit per day, calls are referred to the network shops, but only for that certain amount of time?

Holy cow........that's big. Creating a paper trail that they DO refer outside of the owned shops, but only a fraction of the time?

Did I already say "Holy cow!" ?

Take a pocket recorder with you next time.

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

Would think the IGA might want to talk to you??? If it were me, I would "sing like a bird" to them!!!!!

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

Yeah I would not want to implicate her , but she knows everything that goes on around there. I try to get as much insight as possible when I can . I mean somebody else has to be able to verify this as well. Im sure any ex employee would ramble it as well .

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

This stuff is already known. Try proving it, this is why they get away with it. You cant prove it. This whole industry is a joke. my friend owns a car lot and he has been asking me to do his work. I have been telling him no because he wants me to match triumph. One job I qouted him a good price of $200, triumph did it for $150. I am so sick of the big guys. I am now gonna match all their prices cuz I am sick of the crap. If it doesnt work, I am gonna go work for Wal Mart.

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

Ok please don't get me wrong, I do understand, I deal with this too. But if you lower your price to combat what they are doing you might get a few jobs, but then they will lower it to take the jobs or account back and soon you will have shrunk your market to the point that sgc will come out and demand work to be done at 50 off nags because in that market the shops have killed the price. From what I have learned, the only one who wins in a price war is the one who pays or gets the work done for almost ZIPPO! If we have to keep lowering price to do work for our customers we will ALL be working at WALMART.

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

CS you are so correct. these people that keep playing the game of lowering the prices to get the work says nothing about them. they need to take a class in business ir not they need to GET OUT OF BUSINESS because that is where we will all be. If they stated to get paid a fair price not the safelite or harmon solutions or Triumphs they would be alot happier and smarter.

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

Not only have I heard about turning down jobs that "have to have it today", I've heard they totally refuse any job that is an "R" part and isn't made by their own manu. They just tell customer they cannot get that part, sorry. Then you end up taking one for the team and losing money on that part, or at best you get to charge them your cost, plus whatever labor and kit. Talk about burning a lot of time on the phone for a couple of bucks. How many calls do you lose while arguing with them bout an "R" part?

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

You know you see the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED slogan if I want JUST wanted a piece of glass to keep the bugs out of my teeth I would call each one of them untill they gave it to me.Or they payed me to have them put it in for me.In my area we have a shop that will drive 70 miles one way to put in glass for lees than we will put it in at the shop.Shops do not value there time,or they do not know really how to run a business.

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .

Ok,here is how they are doing it.This is for an example only,EXAMPLE ok.... Lets use Geico.last year lets say they had 420,000 glass claims last year.lest use a total expense was 140,700,000 for the figure.That would of cost them 335 bucks per job.Thats the average cost per job.Safelite came in and says,We will only charge you 275 bucks per job.That would be a savings of 25,200,000 bucks.But the catche is you have to use safelite in order to save that money.So thats whats happening.Its an unwriten contract.Good luck getting around that one.

Re: Chat at safelite I had today .


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