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2006 Charger

While I'm sitting here patiently(not!) waiting for a computer backup to complete, I thought I'd pass something along in the hopes someone else might find it helpful.

2006 Charger backglass. Design seems similar to a few Chrysler styles but the Charger was what we had in the door for the back.

The glass itself is pretty basic, though working over the top of the car is a bit uncomfortable due to the height of the car and such. Nothing new here, and Chrysler did a nice job on the encapsulation of this part. Accessibility past the trunk lid is easy. Kudos to the design engineers on that one.

HOWEVER, the thing that one should watch for, is that about 3 to four inches of glass is outside the visible area of the back glass past the interior C pillar moldings. When the glass breaks, a lot of glass goes down the sides into the C pillar trim. The broken glass works it's way down right smack into, and in a rather large quantity, the rear shoulder seat belt reels concealed way down behind the lower side trim on both sides of the seat.

We noted VERY quickly that both rear seat belts were locked up solid upon getting the car in the door and starting the clean up. The glass jams in so tight, that they may need to replace one belt, due to the small cuts it made in the fabric of the belt. We were extremely careful to remove the mechanisms to get to the broken glass without this happening, but to no avail.

Anyway, if you see one of these, or anything similar like the 300 which looks nearly identical on the interior style, my advice, for whatever it is worth, is to chase the broken glass all the way to the floor no matter if you have to gut the entire rear seat, and be very mindful of broken glass in the belt reels.

Oh, and I'd love to see someone at NAGS come gut the interior to chase the broken glass and change the backglass in 3.7 man-hours on a brand-spanky-new car. I'd also like to hear why it should be any different if the car is five years old, if I'm told it's different on a brand new car with only 3.5 miles on the odometer.

Happy New Year everyone, and everyone be SAFE TONIGHT.

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