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safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

I was watching a show about glue on the history channel last night.They had a 3-4 minute spot about urethane and what impact it has on your car.Unfortunatly they were interviewing a safelite employee.It looked like they were doing alright.Showed him cold-knifing the bottom corners and because there was no fender protection you could see the cold-knife scratch the fender as he turned the corner.They did not show them adding any primer to anything.Then came the time to set the w/s.Two guys with their nitrile gloves on;but NO suction cups.Both installers had both hands wrapped around the top and bottom or the w/s,and you could watch them slip their fingers off the glass as they were setting it.When the interviewer asked him questions,he was almost not sure what he was saying.He acted as if what he was saying MIGHT be right.He was ;he just wasn't sure he was.

Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

You wouldn't happen to know the name of the show do you? Wanting to look at "On Demand" and see if they put it on there!
At least they had gloves on!!! I wonder if they bothered to tell the car owner about the scratches and offer to repair it at their own expense (SGC).

Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

Karl asked me to pass along that the show was Modern Marvels.


Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

Thank you Webmaster! I will check it out if possible! Your awesome

Re: Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

I saw it also. Safelite also got a big free advertising from the vans graphics on its side. I enjoy the history channel. I also feel that they should have used a more reputable business and verify the quality of their sources. What a let down from the history channel.

Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

If this wasn't done according to the AGRSS standard why hasn't the AGRSS council contacted the Discovery channel to make that known? I would think a simple statement to make the Discovery channel aware that the technicians shown did not follow "industry standards" would be in order. Perhaps we should contact them, or they could comment as I know several of them read this forum.

If AGRSS is really worried about safety, why allow a program like this to show an improper installation? Or does Safelite simply have to big of a lobby inside the AGRSS council to ever do that?

It still bothers me how Safelite can be a member of the standards commitee and yet not publically endorse the AGRSS standard. Not to mention not one of their shops is listed as an accredited business. Have they done their "self assessment" yet? Why is that?

Maybe Safelite thinks being a "member" grants that? Sort of like being a "member" of the NGA means you can say you do everything correct, and that your installers are certified, when in reality membership simply means you mailed your check.? Maybe they just don't care. I hope not.

Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

My apologies. It was the History channel. Sorry for that over sight.

Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

Why should a one person shop pay the same as Safelite to be a member? Money is too tight to afford membership in anything. I have even stopped renewing magizines. It has to be steering because its not the telemarketers since the no call list came out.

Re: safelite on history channel,installing a w/s

The only reason I can see for them having Safelite on the show is that they (SGC) is the biggest out there. The general public dosen't know the industry like we do so they turn to the biggest and expect them to have all the answers. Of course, we know better.

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