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There has been alot of chat about fraud, and yes I know there will in every trade be a FEW bad apples. But to generalize the glass industry as being fraudulent is pure flatulance! I was talking with an old friend who got into w/s repair when I did back in 1987. We tried to guesstimate how many repairs or w/s we have saved for the insurance industry. And please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. glass has been good to me and I love taking care of customers and being able to fix things that most cannot. We took a look at the last 18 years and at 1500-2000 repairs a year, well we both agreed we had easily repaired over 30000 w/s! I've probable done over 35000-40000 chips. well if we have saved an average of 200-300 per w/s for the insurance industry even keeping with modest #'s we each determined we had saved the insurance industry 5-7 mil!! Some one care to do the math,,, how many GOOD repairers are in this country alone and how many billions have we saved the insurance industry. And how many of us over the last 10 years have accomodated the industry,( yes our own worst enemy's), by accepting the lower pricing dished out to us??? I believe there are astonomically more shops that care about this industry, and try thier darndest to get along and NOT gouge or Fraud anyone then there is shops that don't care, and are only out for the almighty $$$$. Anyone care to do some math and make some calculations on how much we SAVE for the ins ind? or any other ideas on how we save $$$ for our customers? Show me an industry with better service overall!!! SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?


Funny you wrote that! That is what has been bugging me after reading that article from Tuscon. I say we start advertising how much money we save the insurance industry by doing aggreeing to fixing a rock chip rather than replacing it. We should also state in our ad how we are trying to keep the insurance rates from rising on the insureds side as well! Gosh I should be in advertising!!! ha ha ha. No I love my job Auto Glass is fun! We get to talk to upset customers ALL DAY LONG cause their glass got damaged and it wasn't even their fault 99 % of the time.

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