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RS200 HV

I know for many PPG does not leave a very good flavor in our mouths but, nevertheless, has anyone tried the RS200 HV, 1 hour drive away @ 0 degrees?? If so how does it campare to what your using. We are in cold weather conditions. We have been using SIKA cool and have gotten used to it,, sags a little if not careful, but we are looking at any cost savings we can. Any input is appreciated,, thank you in advance!

Re: RS200 HV

PPG is supposed to have had this specially formulated for them. It does work very well and sets up quick. The packaging is similar to M-Benz factory thanes. You need to warm up the thane and use a 26-1 gun for it. Or you could hire Popeye to pump it. What do you
do/use in cold country ?

Re: RS200 HV

Did all of you have to pass their manufacturer test to use this product like we did?

I thought it was a step in the right direction to have to pass a test to even buy the product. Not sure if they are still doing the testing however.

I know I know, it was a small, somewhat simple test, but I still applaud PPG for testing customers before you but the product. Maybe if more did this it wouldn't be as easy to get into this industry.

And no it was not an "online" test like some others have.

Just wondering if you guys had to take the test as well?

Re: RS200 HV

We use SIKA cool, but we lightly warm(70-80) degrees all thanes or we wouldn't be able to gun a thing! We use battery operated gun, No hand gunning, carpel tunnel ya know! we don't do outside installs at this time of year. in heated shop or forget it!Thought I heard ppg rapidseal rs200 was made over seas.not sure. Along with ccc's other thread, most all primers won't work right under 40 degrees. primerless does not work for us at ALL. won't stick to glass, frit, mldgs or encapsulations with out proper primers!! As far as testing goes we are Sika, essex, and 3m certified, but I believe we can and have bought any and all thanes without ANY certifications.

Re: RS200 HV

What's the differences between Sika cool and ASAP? anyone know?

Re: RS200 HV

Not sure what the technical formula difference is, but apparently the asap was sagging to much in hot climates, so they changed it up some to keep it from doing that I believe.

Re: Re: RS200 HV

Sika Cool is a Hi modulus. non conductive, for those german cars, and asap is regular one part urthene, that needs to be heated to 180 degrees for one hour before application.

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