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Question: Pricing based on zip code

I've been an installer for a while now and am considering opening my own shop....Is there a resource where we can find out how much a given insurance company will pay for installtions within our area of service? (without having to sign any contracts or divulging any of my company info)

It seems prudent to me that every business should determine what the profit margins will be before starting ANY endeavor. Suggestions plz

Re: Question: Pricing based on zip code

If you want to know what THEY will PAY,then join one of ( or all for that matter)the networks.METRYX will help you also.If you want to know what you can make then you'll have to know your costs of doing business,and then bring your prices to the agents who will then tell you to call the networks.JUST STAY OFF THE NETWORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Question: Pricing based on zip code

glasslinger, just come to alabama, go to work for dia/tri, after you find out a few of your customers the dm will help set you up in your own business, while learning a few of their customers, and get paid a good salary in the meantime

Re: Question: Pricing based on zip code

Stay off the networks. Make your customers pay cash,credit card or check up front. Then give them a reciept that they can take to their agent and get paid on. Have them make it an urgent matter that they should be paid upon reciept. Within a week or two tops from being submitted they get paid in FULL...without much if any of a fight. Especially because the price is not outrageous. You see the insured has all the power. The man with the policy is all the insurance company cares about. not us. It is a chess game to them. While you may have a van and a skill you need to know how to move your bishop and knight. So often all I hear is people complaining and not doing anything about it. I got so sick of listening to it and did something about it. Im much happier as a result. IF you want to pound sand, cut bait, and spin your wheels join a network or two buddy! You will also need a referral to a good doctor to get rid of your migraines.

my two cents

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