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Insurance claims

I have been here 28 years,maybe Im missing something now.How can anyone be pleased with TPAs.Why should I make someone elses payroll when I do the hard work.Until prices come to a stable point we cant win.If the ins. adjusters dont understand how can regular customers.

Re: Insurance claims

Adjusers do understand. They are taught to give you dumb incredulous looks to make you believe that you are the only one complaining.

Hal is a perfect example of this, trying to tell us that the collision industry accepts what insurers dictate with no arguement. Nothing could be further from the truth, but if you tell a fib often enough, people start believing it.

Think about this: As the older players in this industry retire or go under, the younger ones don't know of any other way of business besides the networks. You may as well try to teach a Stalin era Russian about the concept of paid holidays. It would be like selling an icebox to an Eskimo. They have no clue, because they don't know any different. Oh sure, they've heard RUMORS of paid holidays and electric refrigerators, but they have never SEEN one, so it's like a dream.

No one is happy about the current system save for those that put it into place, or the collaborators that play within it to gain quanity and extinguish the competition by playing, thinking there is a prize at the end of the game: huge market share. What those people haven't figured out is, if you have the market share, but still aren't making any money, what the heck is the point??

Had a Progressive adjuster call me for an estimate on a 'dispute claim' the other day. He admits they buy from Safelite at a below wholesale price, but can't understand why he's dealing with this dispute claim. Well, duh, buddy, think about what you yourself just said: you are buying below wholesale cost with installation, and you wonder why someone else that does not benefit from any quantity referrals nor is installing the cheap glass wants to be paid more? Hmmmm.

On the good side, at least it showed me that someone in my area was standing up to Progressive. Now I need to find out who, and find out what finally happened. Mostly to see what the adjuster forwarded to them as the prices he found. More to the point, how many of you knew there was such a system in place to handle 'dispute claims'? Not enough, I'd be willing to bet.

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