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METRYX "in-shop" services being limited?

Check out what METRYX did yesterday/today.

They now are letting you manage your "in-shop" service area zip codes, well sort of. Funny thing is they are greying out most of them. Only letting you manage the zip codes in a predefined radius, seems to be a small radius, say 15 miles?

Seems backwards to me. Why would they limit who could come into my shop? I would think anyone in the country should be able to select my "in-shop" service if they so choose. Why only a few zip codes in my immediate area are selectable for "in-shop" service I do not understand at all.

Any ideas?

Guess it is time for another call to LYNX.

Re: METRYX "in-shop" services being limited?

I have the answer get off Metryx and you won't have the problem. We all complain about the networks but the answer is in front of are face. If no shops sign up with the networks they go away and the insurance companys will have to deal direct again. We where part of the networks for the past 7 years and we finally decided to stop being part of the problem.

Re: METRYX "in-shop" services being limited?

the best thing is that we are still alive and kicking, and it probably irritates the 3rd party billers to no end.

the last thing they want is for the word to get out that we can survive without them.

Re: Re: METRYX "in-shop" services being limited?


Re: METRYX "in-shop" services being limited?

Even if you only do in-shop work, assume that you will likely have to pick a customer up, deliver a vehicle, or even handle a job mobile once in a great while. This means you need a vehicle on Metryx to handle this work and you can expand your service area beyond the in-shop parameters. Any VIN will accomplish this.

If you do happen to get a stray call asking for mobile service, get the customer from LYNX, book the job, and talk them into your shop. At worst, you can refuse the job and have the customer call LYNX back and the work will go to a competitor.

Re: METRYX "in-shop" services being limited?

I have no control over the Metryx, or SGC, or any TPA decisions. Someone higher up makes those business decisions. I wish I did as I have to deal with and do a lot of extra work because of them in most cases, but I do not. I agree with many of you on the entire network argument. So dropping off the networks is not an option for me at this time. so....

...if LYNX/METRYX is trying to encourage shops to list their real zip codes, how does this not encourage phantom shops? By limiting the range of zip codes for "in-shop" service, are they not encouraging me to set up other "facilities" to service the zip codes I do not have access to now?

Just seems very mixed up if you ask me.

We do offer mobile service when needed, and we do talk to policyholders who prefer mobile and explain to them that we can pick it up, etc. if they so choose, which many are happy with once they understand why.

My point was, I think METRYX blew this one. That it only serves to encourage the very practice they say METRYX was created to discourage or eliminate, phantom shops.

I just want to go back to calling the local agent, and doing the work for the real customer, the policyholder. Times were so much easier and a lot more fun back then. Most of my customers absolutely HATE calling these networks. Really hate it.

Re: METRYX "in-shop" services being limited?

Jerry, I agree with you.We where a network shop up until NAGS REBALANCE 2/28/05. We are surviving just fine and are finding more ways to HONESTLY market our customers with quality and service, the way it should be! We aren't trying to get every job possible just the QUALITY ones! We still have to deal with the networks, but it is now on OUR terms. I'm sure they are very frustrated, to say the least, with us. The more of us that take back our businesses the better it will get for ALL. I just love the cold weather. We see less and less of the parking lot, and driveway installers! GOOD LUCK and Happy Holidays!

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