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dia/tri alabama

dia/tri installers in alabama going into business for themselves, suppliers drop delivering at branch(es) for installers that left, seems like from top to bottom on the chain (dm) all is aware of what is going on, must have a piece of all the action, is this happenning in any other state with dia/tri, the business the installers are taking is dia/tri. couldn't happen to nicer folks, dia/tri upper mgrs, must not smell the coffee, or just blind and stupid, installers come to dia/tri in alabama and get paid to build your own business while you work for dia/tri then have a warehouse to pick up your glass from another supplier, dia/tri is like santa claus to its installers in alabama

Re: dia/tri alabama

have not heard of this in MN as of late. keep ya posted if I hear anything.

Re: dia/tri alabama

i'm a glass co. in north florida, south alabama,and have been fighting dia/tri for 4 years. they have been selling sooo cheap. I hope they struggle real hard.
i hope they all leave.
i usually do not post faces but this is good news

Re: dia/tri alabama

fred, keep a close watch dia/tri's dm covers your area, see if any of their installers open up on their own, i think they are in the bed together.

Re: dia/tri alabama

the diamond triumph safelite installers around here do more work on the side with the companies materials than i can believe.

i guess that is the risk of a huge company, letting those vans go all over the place with no supervision.

Re: dia/tri alabama

john, what state are you in, and part of state, do you know any of dia/tri installers or dm's , or any other above dm's

Re: dia/tri alabama

Funny how Glass company owners think they own there employees. If you paid them a decent wage maybe they would stay with your company,It really gets under my skin. Its almost like Glass installers are slaves and are not worthy to dream of maybe owning there own shop.I salute any Auto glass tecnician that takes the step to freedom to pursue a better life for himself.

Obviously I am a Technician
PS. I am from Alabama too hahaha.

Re: dia/tri alabama

Mike, choosing to jump into the pool with the rest of the swimmers and sink or swim on your own is not a problem, nor something that one should hold against anyone.

However, if someone is sunning on the beach and using others suntan lotion, swigging on their lemonade, enjoying their sunshade and lounger while the people that own them ARE swimming, that I can see someone complaining about.

To sum up, jump right in, the water is fine. Once in the pool, what's that other old saying? You don't have to outswim the sharks, just the other people in the water, just like the rest of us.

Re: dia/tri alabama

When they get this program all ramped up here in Minnesota I will be the first to signup!!!! Put my boss and all the other competition down for the count. In fact I am going to contact DIA TRI and let them know I am interested and when they are ready for me. I have 6 other guys I know who will be ready too!

Re: dia/tri alabama

Hey SH.Im not sure what there doing but with as much side work they are doing out of there vehicals on the weekends and weeknights.Im sure that they enjoy spending the companys money.At least I dont see the Safelite vans sitting outside the bars anymore.lmao

Re: dia/tri alabama

So it would be OK if your wife/girlfriend was getting some action on the side while they built a relationship with someone else until they will eventually dump you on the street?

Re: Re: dia/tri alabama

Syd, that was a LOL.

Re: dia/tri alabama

it seems we have alot of dia/tri employees reading this forum, thank you for helping dia/tri fail by stealing from them. again thank you!

Re: dia/tri alabama

Maybe if you treated your Wife/Girlfriend like they deserved to be treated maybe you would not have to worry LOL.

Re: dia/tri alabama

syd just because you have a cheating wife doesn't make it any of my concern. I just want to make money not friends.

Re: dia/tri alabama

OH MY GOSH>>>>> That was sooooo funny!!!

Making money at the 'moment' you may be..... Friends in the industry you are not.....

I just have to ask. Why do you visit this forum. Is it to start controversy?


Love that word!!!

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