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2004-2005 Crown Vic

We are replacing a read door and vent glass assembly for 2004 Ford Crown Victoria.

We do the door windows often for the local police and they tend to get kicked out alot. The door glass is normally a thin laminated glass we reset to tempered as it safes the local police chunk of change. But this time the nice gentleman in the backseat kicked it out so far he bent(rather mangled) the entire vent window assembly as it still had the factory laminated door glass.

We ordered the following part # DV10040GTYN carlite, but when going to install it the channel assembly is about 5 inches to long. And everything we can tell is correct, even triple checked the year of the vehicle.

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this somewhere and has a remedy? Remember this is the police verion of the Crown victoria.

thnx in advance

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

sorry no spell check today on this one.

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

We have checked the bug on both vent glass, and the part number is the same on both DV8639.

We have even checked the counterparts, the mercury and lincolns and they all use the same parts.

thnx again in advance.

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

You ordered the vent assembly for the long wheelbase CV. If this is too big for this car you need a DV8639. If this had a lami rear door its a short wheelbase car as they don't list a lami for the long w/base car. NAGS may be wrong here on the size of the vent. We ran into this on the new Linc Town Car. The doors on them are the same block size(true). The cut is different on the top but same block size and they gained the size on the door by using a larger vent assembly. This may be the same on the CV. Also After doing tons of these CV door glasses we found that all of the rear doors from 92 up to 05(Ford and Merc) are intercheangable. HTH

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

Also After doing tons of these CV door glasses we found that all of the rear doors from 92 up to 05(Ford and Merc) are intercheangable. HTH
On the short w/base cars. HTHEM

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

we do a couple of thes a month for the local police dept. we found that they are the regular crown vic not the police/long wheel base car even though the vin# says so, and the carlite vent glass # on the glass is the same, we just order for a car vent and door glass doin another one tommorrow, around her the idiot that kicks it out pays around $1900.00 to kick one out according to the city, who says crime doesnt pay

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

thnx for all the great info everyone.

The reason we needed the assembly was that all the tracks (which are attatched to the vent glass) were destroyed when Mr. Nice citizen kicked out the window.

To bad we couldn't just order the assembly seperate, but you know how they make parts these days. :)

Thnx again.

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

Some times it pays to buy from a wreacking yard.

Re: 2004-2005 Crown Vic

If you order a DV8639 gty carlite you get the vent with all hardware. Are you getting glass only and the hardware from ford ???

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