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dw1522 vs. dw1319?

Does anyone have an opinion on this non-interchange?

Customers here constantly wanting the DW1522 installed in place of the dw1319. Is there any real difference other than the "super duty" in the 3rd visor?

I ask this, as we have had several customers ask for it "super duty" logo, and in some cases had them installed elsewhere. Yet we have tried once, and the ins. co. rejected it out right as a "non NAGS interchange" so we had to pass the bill on to the customer.

Just wondering what everyone else's experience was with these parts.

Re: dw1522 vs. dw1319?

The ins company is required to pay the difference if it wasnt a stock item (if the vehicle didnt come with it that year)

Re: dw1522 vs. dw1319?

More fun.

What if the customer bought the vehicle with a dw1522 installed (not the stock part), the ins. co. probably not knowing it, insured the vehicle with that part in it, and then the customer wants another dw1522 installed in the future when it needs replaced?

Isn't this fun !! ??

Re: dw1522 vs. dw1319?

I am confused aboout this thread.

A DW01522 is the factory windshield after 09/02/2002 build date and the DW01319 or DW01505 is before that date. Insurance will pay if the vehicle is 2003 or later, but if you are saying that the customer wants it in their 2002 or older then they would have to pay the difference.

Most of my customers wnat the DW01537 or the DW01505 so they can get the shaded windshield, but we are in the south.

Re: dw1522 vs. dw1319?

I'm confused too.

If the thing came wiht the superduty logo glass in it, the customer has every right ot have it back again.

The network and insurer can either send someone out to verify that it was in the truck in the first place or go pound sand. Customers that own $45,000 trucks are generally finicky, and don't hesitate to tell networks where to go when you hand them the phone.

I'm dealing with a customer with a Harley WS in one, I don't think the insurer knows yet who they are dealing with, meaning the customer.

We'll see how this one turns out.

And, I can't "see" the difference between the 1505 and the 1319, and two suppliers interchange them both ways upon order. Can anyone tell me the actual difference? I've had them side by side, and can't see it.

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