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We are still on the fence about signing up for METRYX and from what I have read a lot of the bigs guys have not signed up either. I am a network provider and the only LYNX customer that I have had an issue with about non METRYX compliance is State Farms.

I'm curious if their are any shops out their in the same position and what have you done? If you have not signed up, has it affected your business? If you have signed up, what are your concerns and how has it affected your business? Quite frankly, my biggest concern is sharing my installer and vehicle information.

Please, only serious remarks we are trying to make a serious decision.

Re: Metryx?

Here is a little more:
I have not gotten past the terms you have to accept just to sign up for METRYX. In the conditions they can change your information at their discretion. They don't guarantee the information you provide will be secure. Lynx installs cookies on you PC but takes no responsibility if your hardrive get a virus.

Re: Metryx?

I cannot get past the conditions of use either. They take NO responsibility for ANYTHING. If you at any time have a dispute you must go to PA. to take them to court. And there is one paragragh that states, even if a court of law finds any part of their agreement to not be legal or valid you, the shop, must give the court the right to side with lynx and all other parts of the agreement are to be upheld. Every attorney we had look at it said they would not do business that way. I don't know how anyone can. If they did agree to it, they must feel they have no choice because they depend on them way too much! I can't sit on the fence,, wrong is wrong, and you can't make a right out of something that is wrong! period! We have not agreed, we will do work for anyone that wants to use us, it is the law, the consumer has the right!

Re: Metryx?

We are on Metryx, and so far have gotten nada, zip, nothing....

Re: Metryx?

Don't want to get off topic here but wonder if anyone can further explain the technician information being released to Metryx.
I am a technician for a very well regarded, mid sized auto glass company that is on Metryx. Have been with the company for 12 years. We (technicians) have heard nothing about Metryx or any of our personal information being released to them. Can anyone tell me exactly what about me they are handing out without my knowledge and should I really be upset?
Just for note, I asked the other techs I work with and nobody has even heard of Metryx. I am familiar just from my daily visits to the message boards.
Thanks in advance and again, sorry if I am going off topic here.

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