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just wondering how everybody is getting along without metryx! I can't tell any difference exept that I am making more money per job.

Re: metryx

I put metryx in the trash and it felt good!

Re: metryx

Please, elaborate.

Re: Re: metryx

Metryx shouldn't have anything to do with price

Re: metryx

I understand that the big guys haven't signed up either has anyone else heard this?

Re: metryx

It doesn't make any sense for them not to sign on unless they have an alternative contractual agreement with State Farm and Allstate.

Can you imagine how many man hours Safelite and DT would have to put in to get all of their locations, vehicles, and techs into the registry. Figure at least 20-30 minutes per location (real or imaginary) multiplied by what, 600 for SL? 300 hours, $10 an hour = $3000 to comply with a competitive network's latest gizmo must be a tough pill to swallow.

Re: metryx

We are doing fine without them! We have even done a bit of st farm work and should see the checks even faster than before. We have had problems with lynx calling our home # rather than the shop, but finally a very helpful person we hope, has got it straightened out. I believe it was a way to try and force us into accepting the bogas terms of metryx. Hold tight guys and gals, metryx is going to be a big mistake for all those who use it!

Re: metryx

I have a few SF jobs too. My loyal people . Who do you bill, the agent neon or lnnx?

Re: metryx

i'm billing every insurance company through lynx now that i have no contracts with anybody.

now i charge every insurance company the same price, which is probably the way it should have always been.
no insurance company has given me the volumn required to justify a quantitiy discount.

in addition to that it simplifies things as well, the exact same set of steps are now used for every company, no more worring about wether to send it to safelite or lynx. we used edi for lynx, and paper for safelite, now we all do paper and it makes it simpler for everybody.

Re: metryx

For us our st farm customers and agents call it in as normal, lynx calls they ask for our BID, we use the st farm pricing that started in 02/28/05. we don't bill anyone they issue the check right there. we get paid direct(mn, and states with strong leg.). We usually see payment 5-10 days! The only paper we need is for our records. we have to be careful though, if you go to do 1 chip and there are more it will take some calls or e-mails to get paid for additionals. and on replacement if there is anything unexpected you have the same problem. They are basically issueing the check before work gets done or the invoice is even made.

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