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Being Professional

Good Morning all! Have to tell you, I took my very first sick/mental health day yesterday! Felt good to hang out in my robe until noon! Boy did I fight the guilt though!LOL
Anyhow there was some posting done about acting professional yesterday, I have some thoughts on this. I personally always act as though I own a fortune 500 company. I wear business suits to work every day, I treat my contacts (on both sides) with the respect they would expect from any business executive and I never loose my cool.
Just being a woman in this business sometimes gets me some odd looks, but being a woman who looks and acts like a top executive from some huge firm, definitely gets some attention! I have had so many accounts tell me that they chose to use my services because of the way I present myself and my company. If you act like an ape who can't truly run a business, that is how you will be treated! You must at all times look and act the part!
On the flip side, my husband feels I sometimes go overboard with this. We are in a small suburban area, on the outskirts of a major metro area, but none the less where we live and work is very suburban. Having said that, everyone here has a good idea of who the big players are. We are not what I consider high players, but I do associate myself with those that are, come on that only makes good business sense! But I demand only the best actions from those around me to be able to pull off "hanging with the big boys" At work I expect everyone who represents my company to do so with respect for everyone they meet. I don't even want to hear that they were nasty to anyone. If I find out that they were speeding down the highway, they get a trip to what my employees call the "oh sh*t" chair in my office. I don't rule with an iron fist, but I do rule with a silk glove. My children know that they must act a certain way when they are out and about. Now mind you they are teenagers and young adults, they don't always care what mom says or thinks, but they are aware that the standards are there and usually if they have plans they think I might frown on, they simply go to the metro area where they are less likely to run into anyone that knows "the dreaded mom factor". To my hubby who would just as soon be in the shop in a uniform, this is a a bunch of hoopla and he calls me prissy, but I truly believe that if you want to be successful, you need to look and act like you already are! If you do not take yourself or your business seriously, why should anyone else, why should they trust you? I have said my piece, I will get off my soap box now, but imagine how the images would change if we all worked this way.

Re: Being Professional

Well, personally, I salute you.

I wish I had someone to do what you are doing.

Myself, I just can't seem to switch between the shop uniform and a suit. I'm not sure, but it's just possible I'm allergic to suits.

Seriously, though, I hold myself to my customers as a person who gets done what they need done, quickly and completely. I am also in a relatively 'non-metro' area, and I am told that we are percieved as a 'go-to get it done and done right business' that consumers want to see in a time of 'crisis'.

But I also agree with you completely on the transition to the suit when needed, though I try to only go to slacks and polos. I save the suit for funerals, and heaven forbid, sometimes the legislature.

Tell your hubby that I understand where he's coming from, but to appreciate what you are doing, fully.

Having said that, I'll finish with "GO GIRL, GO!"

Re: Being Professional

GlassGirl, Please ask your husband if he wouldn't mind cloning you, we can all use someone with your talents and skills and pro attitude!

Re: Re: Being Professional

He says sure, but if you are going to enjoy the good parts....then you have to go to the formal Galas and anything else that requires that he wear a suit!

Re: Re: Re: Being Professional

Can you say were you work?

Re: Being Professional

I did not post the above message. At the absolute least, I try to use better grammar and spelling than to mistake "were" for "where".

Here we go again, it seems?

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