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customer having trouble collecting from allstate

A good friend of ours had their w/s replaced at our shop and paid out-right for it.Cold hard cash.Then mailed the paid in full reciept to the agent.20 days go by and still they have not recieved their money.They call the agent and get"i don't know where it is or what i did with it.You should have called lynx".End of their conversation.Well after a couple of calls to other allstate phone #'s (some were rather rude from what she said)she ended talking to lynx(who by the way was the only person that treated her with some kind of respect)(shoot).It's been another 10 days and still no word.So now we (who are NOT on the o&a and apparently nothing more than a hole in the ground in allstates eyes)have to send out letters to our ins. commish on behalf of our customer to recieve what is rightfully hers.Attorney general will also be getting a copy.This just irkes the heck out of me to be treated like this.Accepting their pricing or not should not interfear with the way business is handeled.I say let the agent pay her back and then the agent can forward the invoice to lynx for reimbersment.Win,win, situation.The agent keeps their client,and lynx still gets their money.This would surely show the agents first hand what is exactly going on.Wonder how they would handle short pays,2-3 months payment,the"sorry never recieved it or one digit is off on the vin #(even tho it's been checked twice)You'll have to re-submit" tricks of the trade.
WE really need to take back our industry and with the help of our national orginizations(nga,iga,state associations).I was a member of the nga for a long time even made it to master tech.But due to cost restraints unable to keep up with it.Support them and what they are trying to achieve.We do need them,they are all we have.

Re: customer having trouble collecting from allstate

Sorry have to babble some more.This is why i still want to see yearly U.S. state tours from these groups.You will get more participation.Thanks for letting me vent.HAVE GREAT AND PROSPEROUS DAY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.

Re: customer having trouble collecting from allstate

what did you expect from a japanese owned firm?

Re: customer having trouble collecting from allstate

I expected her to get reimbursed.Which she just did this monday.It took her just as long to get her money as it would us.Customer service at it's finest.

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