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Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

Sorry this has taken so long to post...

Grats to Bob Bischoff for his outstanding conduct at the AGRSS conference.

He too took on some tough questions, answered the ones he could, and made his email and phone number available to all that wanted it. It was a huge step in the right direction on his and State Farm's part. Now I can only hope we in the AGR business take advantage of it and be mindful that in order to be treated as professionals we MUST act like professionals.

And also Steve Shaw from LYNX (I know, I know). But he as well took some serious heat and tough concerns and did a good job of answering what he could and even talked to many of us one-on-one after the sessions.

Thanks to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff (Statefarm), and Steve Shaw (LYNX) for your conference and participation in it.

Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

HEY CCC I have called Bob Bischoff multiple times and i get no reply oh by the way i am not a O and A shop. Can you supply me his email for i was told by State Farm they except no outside emails.

Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

Hey, wait a minute can't be a NON-O/A shop....they told me I WAS THE ONLY ONE!


Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

What is an O&A shop?

I thought I was glass shop!

Re: Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

I thought that if you were fair and reasonable they could not black ball you.I have a witness if it comes to it to make Tri and SAF shake ,because if they testify what management told them we may have a nice case.Lynx also is dumb because easy to prove alteirer motive being third party.Many recorded calls could devaastste if not eliminate these services.We just had vent for Blazer, cost net 191 or 196 with 1.1 hours.Lynx was generous to allow248. for job mobile.Who are they screwing,the small guy.Told no way,said all would be paid someone elsse would do it.Sorry loser.Have fun losing money.

Re: Re: Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

Hey CCC still waiting for that email address.

Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

Didn't mean to start a landslide.

Bob's email is in the conference biographies as well. my only concern releasing it here is that some of us are not very professional in how we intereact with certain parties.

If you do not mind, let me email Bob and just make sure he is ok with me releasing his email addy here.

But anyone who attended the AGRSS conference should have it in their conference folder under Bob's bio.

My intent was to just give all parties mentioned a big 'thank you' for at least supporting AGRSS and the conference and for speaking and taking on some tough questions that were asked of them. Some of which they had no answers for at this time of course.

But I was glad to see them supporting AGRSS and the standard that is in place and the effort to promote it.

Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

I always find it amusing when shop owners, after suffering years of abuse from networks and insurers from their "Chinese Water Torture" lose their cool, and then those same insurers and networks point a finger those same shops, and say how nasty and hard to get along with shops are.

Truly, it's infuriating, but CCC IS RIGHT, we MUST remain professional at ALL TIMES.

Don't ever yell, scream, or be nasty, you play right into the stereotype they want regulators and legislators to see us as: unsophistcated, uneducated, greasy coveralled mechanics, that don't have the brains to do anything but be rude.

Don't let them do it. Keep cool, keep professional at all times. Besides, it's more fun to do that, and watch THEM lose their cool in front of customers. IN other words, don't get mad, get even.

Re: Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

CCC Just want to have Bob answer some questions and it seems that he must not get any of my messages i leave. Hey Bob if your out thier stand up. You are a executive for State Farm. I get more professional treatment from the Walmart greeter. Oh that's right Walmart is a business.

Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw


I have emailed Bob and and anxiously waiting his reply.

not reg. with MERTYX

over an hour on hold with lynx state farm no ans. on how to bill I won't collect from my clients, but that is what they say to do. The agent gets the bills tomorrow.

Re: not reg. with MERTYX

call neon tomorrow. let them handle it quickly and easily.

Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

>>>What is an O&A shop?

I thought I was glass shop! <<<

Actually, the acronym was coined by the insurance industry. It means "OH BOY, A**HOLES" that will accept our prices.

Re: not reg. with MERTYX

River hang tough. We are filing with the Arizona supreme court today regarding this issue as well as unfair trade restrictions.

Lets see State Farm only excepts electrinic billing but if your not O and A you cant bill. State Farm get your head out of your ___!!!

Re: Grats to AGRSS, Bob Bischoff, and Steve Shaw

I did receive a reply from Bob Bischoff today.

He would like to extend to everyone on this forum his phone number at 309-766-0660. He does return every call made to him, although I assume it may take some time with all his current responsibilities and travel of late.

I mentioned that some of us have had a hard time contacting Mr. Bischoff, like 'Jim'. To which he replied...

"I offer up for "Jim" to post a reply to your message with his name and phone number. I will return his call that way if he prefers."

Seems like an open dialog can be accomplished Jim. I hope this helps.

Please remember to conduct yourselves as a true professionals, which I am confident all of you will.

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