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More of State Farm's game

I've posted a bit on this scenario I've got going w/ Lynx & State Farm.
We finally did the install. To make a long story short, I'm asking this friend about how I'm actually supposed to do the bill (curious to see what kind of bull... will come up at this point.) To my surprise, he's supposed to bring an itemized bill to the agent's office & they'll cut him a check right there. I'm more than willing to oblige on this one , so I type & print the invoice, pointing out that it's exactly as I'd quoted.
This turns into a whole conversation about all the crap the poor guy went though to get his replacement, during which he winds up telling me, AFTER he got my quote & the "competitive quote," (as he was instructed to do by Lynx/State Farm) and AFTER he was told he could use our shop (we were the lower bid), he was INSTRUCTED by AGENCY PERSONEL to go to the other shops in town (the dealerships, body shops, mobiles, etc.) for quotes and "TELL THEM IT'S A CASH JOB."
I don't know about all of you, but that's a new one around here. Insurance instructing the customer's to go out and ASK FOR a CASH quote. In my book, that's b.s. no matter what way you smear it.

Re: More of State Farm's game

We have had several people come in and ask for a quote per their insurance company. I tell them Cash price is their price not the insurance company price.Then I tell them why they are being sent around town for prices. I also ask them to consider how much they are paying in premiums. Aren't they a little upset to have to do all this legwork (because it must be in writing)after all the money they have paid in to their insurance carrier?? Yes, they are upset. I hand them a phone and say this is a complaint phone. Want to use it??

Re: More of State Farm's game

this is a long story also. i replace a motorhome windshield for a long term customer. it is a motorhome. when finished he says will you bill s.f. for this job? my deductible is $100.00. we use neon for our billing to s.f. i tell the insured that he will receive the check in less than 30 days and along with it will be a rude letter. i get a call from neon on the 29th day. s.f. wants to know if we will accept less. my answer is "no. i will not accept less than the total on the bill." next i get a call from the adjuster. he says one of my competitors will install the w/s for less than half. i ask who. he gives me the name. it is one of my suppliers retail divisions. so i call them to see if it is bogus or not. their answer is that they have not quoted a w/s for this motorhome. i call him back. he says it was one of my other competitors. i call them up to see if it is bogus or not. he say no they have not quoted this motorhome w/s. i call him up and get his voice mail and basically call him a liar. and to call me if he still wants to talk about it. i never heard anything back. at this point i assume it is duncan systems helping s.f. to lowball jobs. excuse me but i don't believe in taking all of the liability wile installing their glass to make 100-150. today my customer calls me and says he has my check from s.f. i ask how much it is. it is paid in full. my customer took offense at the letter and called his agent to complain. the letter stated they would not pay any more of his claims if he didn't call his agent first. he had called his agent first. the adjuster called him shortly and appologized for the letter. he had signed the form letter but had never read it. i bet his supervisor is upset with him. i took a poll of a couple of companies in my area. they are leaving alot of money on s.f.'s table. one just agrees with duncan and buys all of their motorhome glass from duncan. the other thinks that making 200 on the job is profitable.moral of the story is stick to your guns and get paid what you are worth.

Re: Re: More of State Farm's game

We used to do motor home shields for Duncan for 100.00 per side, then about a year ago I told them we are charging 200.00 per side plus trip charges if the insured won't bring it to our shop. They never put up an argument and that's what we charge now. Just straight out tell them labor and overhead are going up and here's the charge and if not acceptable spend an hour or two finding a glass shop that will do it for nothing.

Re: More of State Farm's game

Is that all your worth?

I'am sorry but when you make no profit on materials your going in the HOLE!!!!

Buy your glass from Coach,mark it up,put labor and moldings on it and sell it back to Duncan,We do it on every Motorhome,And then call for a credit card number for payment ...

Re: Re: More of State Farm's game

We actually use Parkin Accesories when we need to buy a motor home w/s. The type of job I am referring to is when Duncan calls us and states that they have the glass/moldings/urethane and ask how much we will install their parts for. $200.00 is not bad for 1/2 hour for two guys to knock out right away before they hit the road for the rest of the day. That's the only way we'll do 'em (maybe 5-10 a year is all)

Re: More of State Farm's game

I'am refering to the same situation.We tell them we will give them a price for our own glass and never had an argument.

Re: Re: More of State Farm's game

why not skip duncan and use neon. you get what you ask for. i would never accept a job knowing i'm only making $200 and taking on all of the liability. i'm sure duncan is making big bucks off our sweat. we buy our glass from coach but they now have their own motorhome w/s network so watch out.

Re: Re: More of State Farm's game

why are you liable for any glass duncan sends you?? unless you bought it from them outright. ive been working with them for years...for the last couple they paid out about 175 for installs..not 100.00 and now they have no problem paying 200.00...if they send me the glass i have no responsibilty for it..i break it they send me another...never a problem with duncan

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