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IGA Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

The Independent Glass Association filed suit against Safelite on February 2, 2005. We'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Re: IGA Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

"Independent Galss Assoc v Safeline Group Inc" Who are these guys? Looks like MN is not taking this too seriously folks.

Re: Re: IGA Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

Right on, IGA! I read the details of the lawsuit and think they nailed it, based on our experience with SGC.

Re: Re: Re: IGA Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

on the breaking news of safelite contacting the iga, if you do not go forward with the action you lose credibility, we have heard this before o.kay i'll play fair can't we all just get along? find your intestinal fortitude and set the law in stone and while your pondering their approach, read evry post on here that the people are talking about then before you go to bed look in the mirror and ask who am i !

Re: IGA Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

YES!YES!YES! Way to go IGA. The guy that doesn't think MN is taking this serious better guess again. Great turn out in mpls on the 3rd. only sad part is more of you independents where not there! Any of you guys out here who have not joined the IGA should get off you butts and your wallets and quit letting the few do so much for the ALL. The IGA is a MUST for our survival. KEEP IT Going STRONG!

Re: IGA Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

BY the way if you are an Independent and Have not joined the IGA. SHAME ON YOU! And I'll Tell you why. If you don't you are not only hurting yourself but all the rest of us! Do you really want to be a small island out there or get in where there is some real teeth! Maybe you're dissatisfied with past results well get over it. There is no better time for all of us to move forward but it will take the vast majority or there will be no TEETH for us to bite back, and there is no better time than RIGHT NOW> SO GET UP AND ON BOARD NOW!

Re: IGA Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

i think it is fantastic someone has the courage to challenge safelite, the glass industrys biggest obstacle. t.p.a.s are the very definition of steering, and i find it amazing that it is so blatant. as we all know, safelite has been able to administer the claims programs for over 200 companies nationally, which has caused irreparable harm to the small independent shops. i hope we can do the same in massachusetts, but our association is poorly run.

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