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Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Jason 'The Moderator'
Brett (2)
I can guarantee they are heading into the 90s for week four, including that deplorable garbage Recovery....so for most of us, Retro season ends this week..no more complete Countdowns for this year. A long wait now till 2023.

Technically, rage goes retro is now over.

As soon as that dreaded show starting with R appears ... Retro season is OVER!

Only 5 Countdown's this year. One of THE worse retro seasons EVER for me, has been 2022.

A very LONG wait!

I just wish that rage would play a few COuntdown's at least one Monday night a month on their VAULT Specials.
I've always thoughts that they should show Countdown on one of the digital stations during the whole year.

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Here's the information and details of Rocturnal from The Australian Film and Television Companion book:
26 episodes
Ran for two series, presented by David Woodhall in the first series and Toni McCarthy in the second series.

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Speaking of Jane Clifton, I was on a quick vinyl hunt today and discovered a 12" dance version of "My Machines"!, this was the follow up single to "Girl In The Mirror". I snapped it up straight away and it's in very good condition, as it's one of those 'Promotional Record - Not For Sale' items. Does anybody know how rare this is? and any info on chart placing? Although, I'm guessing it didn't make the Top 50. Nathan?

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

WOW, a 12" of My machine. It's not exactly common and I 101% doubt it would have even made Top 50 unlike Girl On The Wall

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Check your emails Michael. Everything I try to reply with is being blocked as $ p a m

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Trying this again (for the 11th time), now that I think I know the workarounds. No mention of the word that rhymes with gold but starts with s, or the word that rhymes with pink but starts with l.

My Machines missed the top 100.

I wouldn't know how rare it is (I only know of Girl In the Mirror by her), but it's not been s o l d on discogs before according to something I can't connect here because it's detected as $ p a m, like the FB references below). This is about my 8th attempt at replying.

As for Jane, a friend who was a fan had this 'run in' with her on FB earlier this year:

Open quote:

Just 2 hours ago I commented on a photo on Jane Clifton's FB (she was Margo in Prisoner Cell Block H) - it was an angry looking photo and I joked 'dare I say it has a touch of Margo to it ;) and she told me to f u c k off with the Margo mentions or she'd block me

She needn't bother as I've deleted her and there'll be no more free promo for her anymore

I was kinda embarrassed, and I get that she must hate being thought of for just that role (but I had actually befriended her more for her music career), but I had never mentioned Margo before on her page, nor seen anyone else do it.

Anyway, she is dead to me now

End quote

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

That's funny. Well, if her music career really took off then things would be different and she didn't really star in many other TV shows. She must be hating the current second rerun of Prisoner on 111 Hits at the moment, as she's featured quite a bit in the storyline. But then again, she did attend the Prisoner 111 Hits launch a few years back and don't they get royalites from the reruns?

I checked out the video for 'My Machines' on YouTube (wasn't expecting to see it there) and the 2 comments aren't the most flattering.

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

WOW Nathan, you had a run in with Jane Clifton on Facebook?

B i t c h

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

No, that was a friend, not me.

She also unfriended him over that incident alone!

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Rockturnal was a rare rock music program on ABC-FM (now ABC Classic FM). ABC-FM started in January 1976 and there was a pop music program (called Smiling Through the Sobs) 12noon - 2PM Monday. I was at Phillip College in Canberra at the time and I took the bus home during mid-session to tape songs off it (in glorious stereo!). At 1PM they had a ten minute news bulletin which I hated because it ate into music time. I had to catch the bus back to school at 1:40 so I missed the end of it. They also had a program called Air Waves at 4:30PM Friday which played pop music. Rockturnal was on Saturday night and was mainly concerned with "progressive" 2JJ-type music. In early 1977 all the pop/rock programs were taken off and replaced with more classical music. The Rockturnal name made a short-lived return with the TV show in 1978 which only lasted around six weeks.

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

I have a few Jane Clifton records like Stiletto-Licence to Rage album, the Stiletto single Bluebirds. Jane's Girl On The Wall and Turn to Dust single and the 'My Machines' 12".

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Rockturnal (Bette Midler, Neil Young episode) is being played as part of Rage, 20 Feb 22i

Re: Rocturnal - May 9th 1978

Absolutely Chad! I'm not sure what the issue is with this, or the other music shows they've produced, the only thing would probably be rights/licencing holding things up. They have rights to broadcast a 100% ABC production and they've been doing these since 1993, so again, I'm not really sure.