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Stay tuned below with regular Countdown full archival information for each Countdown episode rage shall be airing every Saturday throughout January ...

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Re: Rage goes retro 2022

Jason \'The Moderator\'
At Gary,

I ALWAYS put my fabulous request list in on October, November and December, I would think now is far too late. I always email \'rage\' my request list in October so they have months to locate the episodes I wish for :heart_eyes:

I am VERY pleased to read the part of the message from the person at rage saying:

\"I spent half my holidays in iso but i\'ll spend some time at the beach to be nice and fresh and ready to delve into the archives and dust off lots of Countdown for you“.

Sounds like they are making up for only 6 Episodes last year which is GREAT! *** YAY ***

The person at rage sounds like they at least give a D A M N about \'rage goes retro\' in February, so I am pleased they made the statement and are returning in late January to make sure lots of Countdown gets played in January. After reading their statement, I think we may receive a STACK of Countdown Episodes!!!!!! I really, realllllllly hope so!!!!!!!! :heart_eyes:

Thank You Matt for posting their message on my Forum, I gladly appreciate it! :sunglasses:

No worries Jason, happy to provide some info for everyone. Countdown month is my favorite time of year!
Soooo GLAD you are keeping us on the loop who don't use Twitter and Facebook, I REALLY and TRULY appreciate it!

If I didn't keep this Forum going, I would simply have to wait till February and keep looking at the website or have to log in back to Facebook or Twitter.

Countdown month is certainly my favourite month of the year as well but has been sadly neglected lately. Let's HOPE for a really GREAT Countdown month in February with as MUCH Countdown as possible!

Re: Rage goes retro 2022

Hi Jason, any word from the ABC or rage as to whether rage goes retro is in January or February next year? Really hope it’s back to normal!
Here’s a response I received from one of the rage programmers on twitter:

“rage is shutdown for a few weeks over January since it is the only time staff can take a break with their friends and family. New releases return on January 16. We managed to save retro month by getting it moved to february. i hope you understand it was out of our control. i hope you enjoy the lineup that i'm coming back from leave early to program in late january. I spent half my holidays in iso but i'll spend some time at the beach to be nice and fresh and ready to delve into the archives and dust off lots of Countdown for you“.

Re: Rage goes retro 2022

Praying for More Countdown and maybe The Factory to Compensate for Last Year’s Woeful Selections?