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Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns - Episode 506 Robert Blackwood

Molly chose me out of a crowd of kids after a Sting concert at Festival Hall. Ben Elton had last minute cancelled co hosting and Molly recruited me to stand in for Ben Elton. I was only 14 years old. Completely random, though made me famous at my tram stop for six months... Lucky my awesome step dad was there to keep an eye on things. Molly was a quirky one, Gavin Wood was the star of the show in my eyes. They both signed the Humdrum vinyl album for me as a souvenir which I still have framed on display - Hunters & Collectors - Human Frailty.
Hope to see the episodes repeated on Rage or similar again some day, what a legendary show.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

Here's my three requests for the episodes of Countdown which was made and went to air thirty-five years ago:
1. April 27 1986 Robert Blackwood (Molly chose him at a Sting concert)
It was a dream come true for this fan to host the show while he went to see Sting in Melbourne or Sydney.
2. May 25 1986 Video Story Board Competition
I want to find out what the music video was, I think it was Mental As Anything in one of the books about Australian music which it was published in 1986 or '87 that I read before.
3. September 28 1986 Stephen Cummings (insert show)
It had music videos by Samantha Fox, Billy Joel [A Matter Of Trust], Cutting Crew [I Just Died In Your Arms], Genesis [In Too Deep], John Farnham [You're The Voice] and Paul Simon [You Can Call Me All with Chevy Chase guest appeared in it] and it also had a clip of Molly's guest appearance on Neighbours.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns - Episode 506 Robert Blackwood

Wow Rob,

Lucky you!

I recall another kid being chosen to host with Molly in 1986, that must be you!!!


I hope rage play that episode so you can own it!