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Re: Technical Questions About ABC/Rage Going Digital

Hello everybody, I'm after people who have technical knowledge and who are willing to speculate - or provide facts, if you have them.

I was looking for the song "Tender" by Blur in the rage playlist and, according to a Google search, it has not been played since 2007! So, I'd like to find out the best way to request a song on rage!

But the fact it hadn't been played since then made me wonder: Would the tape had been digital? Or could they broadcast analogue video into a real-time digitizer for digital broadcast, but only have an analogue copy? Although, being a 1999 video, I assume it was digital anyway.

Which, of course, got me further thinking - when did rage actually go digital behind the scenes? And when did the ABC go digital behind the scenes? I don't mean when did they start broadcasting digitally - that was in 2001 like every other channel. And in December 2013, because there was no more analogue TV (or 4:3 TV) they moved their watermark outside the 4:3 area. Which is great for the "Countdown" episodes.

If anyone knows any additional information, such as which format(s) they used, well, I'd like to know everything, really. If you could point me to a website and not clog up this forum too much (or an existing forum thread), that'd be great!

Before I close, I will confess: I am someone who likes to know as much technical detail as I can about, well, really, audio/visual stuff, be it TV production/broadcasting/restoration, etc, same for both home video and profesional video, audio, be it studio, DAT, R2R, home stuff like cassettes and records, etc, etc, etc. Also, I used to naively think that every TV channel kept what they played and that there was always the possibility of a repeat. It probably didn't help that kid's shows were always rerun a dozen times before they disappeared, plus a lot of "adult" shows I watched were all old repeats any way!

Well, anyway, anything to do with any/all of the above will be greatly appreciated.
The best way to request videos (with no guarantee that they'll get played) with rage seems to be posting you'd like to see video X on their facebook or instagram pages. I reckon instagram probably has more chance of actually being read, though, as there are (far) fewer comments posted on the rage posts there.