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Re: Hitscene runsheets

I'm pretty much the same and enjoy everything from the 60's to the 80's and love Hitscene. Any idea on how many were made?

Re: Hitscene runsheets

Thanks to both Guru and Brett. Brilliant stuff.

Re: Hitscene runsheets

In regards to the Six O'Clock Rock episodes which ran between 1959-1962, I was told a majority of the episodes where either wipe off or destroyed by the ABC. I can't believe only 2 or 3 survive as this is all we could look back on our Australian R&R history as this was the best music program of the period.

The same scenario happened with a majority of the 60's episodes of "Top Of The Tops" where 90% were wiped by the BBC especially 1966 where The Beatles appeared on the show only once performing "Paperback Writer". Only stills exist from that performance. If anyone recorded this episode back then on VTR (Video Tape Recorder) reel to reel and still exists that person may get a fortune.

Great work on the Hitscene episodes. I'll be requesting Rage to air some of them this January. Whatever happened to Episode One?

Re: Hitscene runsheets

I love the 60sand 70s too. I personally only remember from about 1976 onwards, and Countdown was the show that I remember, not so much the other ones. My problem with GTK, for example, is the quality of the footage. Much of the time, what was shown on GTK can be found on Youtube in much better colour and resolution.