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rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

JUST as I PREDICTED! ... Week three would be 60s and 70s with GTK and Hitscene. Only thing I am interested in is Flashez. Not ONE Countdown at all, I miss the 90s seasons when it was just Countdown. So, so far only 4 COuntdown's. I do think Week 4 will have Countdown's but then again, who knows? :-(


Retro Month 2021: Week Three
We’ve spent a couple of weeks in the 1980s, and now, for the third instalment of Retro Month we’re turning back the clock even further and heading to the big-haired era’s predecessor where bell-bottoms ruled supreme and disco was on the rise.

That’s right retro ragers, we’re taking you on a journey through the 1970s with full episodes of everyone’s favourite black and white Australian music TV shows – Hit Scene and GTK. We’ve scoured the vault for some of the most requested episodes we could find, to bring you live performances, interviews, and segments featuring Geordie, Ike and Tina Turner, Gillian Armstrong, David Cassidy, and more. Plus, we even stumbled across some extremely rare footage from beloved ABC program Flashez, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

But don't panic, all you 1960s enthusiasts, we'll also be playing a selection of clips to keep your inner flower child alive including music videos from The Byrds, to Elvis and everything in between.

Tune in to week three of Retro Month next Saturday, February 20, from 11am to re-live some of the hits of 1971, then switch back to rage later that night from 12:20am to catch full episodes of Hit Scene, GTK and more. On ABC TV.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

Week 4 will be 90s. Countdown Revolution, Recovery and 10:30 Slot

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

While I would like to see some The Factory and Countdown Revolutions, you just know it's not going to be that for the final week. It will be Recovery and The 10:30 Slot. Maybe even Triple J TV (how awful would that be?), given that it's now more than 10 years old.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

SO far I have been correct.

rage put down before Week 1 that they are playing Countdown, Rock Arena and GTK/Hitscence. They never mentioned Recovery, so I live in hope that my prediction remain correct and Countdown episodes will be played on the final weekend.

I sincerely HOPE that the 90's are NOT covered on Week 4! The only thing I could handle is a night of 1990 COuntdown Revolutions and even that is too much to bear!

I know rage played 4 Countdown episodes from my list on Week 1 but it's NOT enough Countdown! I need more! And they don't have to be my remaining 7 Countdown requests so long as they are unrepeated Countdown's I will be happy. Sigh, I really hope 4 Countdown's in 1 year is not all we get as that would be so sad! :-(

I am still SO angry that after the hideous 1989 Rock Arena, rage played the Top 10 from 1989 again when they could have played another Rock Arena!

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

Wow Flashez fabtastic! So happy. Although unless they are talking about full episodes the inserts aren't rare there are hundreds in the archives. Hitscene too so groovy. GTK though can be hit and miss. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones who loves the 70's as much as the 80's.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

The playlists are up.

Saturday morning:

Saturday night:

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

Two weekends in retro month - back to back, no less - with no countdowns was a... bold and stupid decision by rage.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

a 70's Countdown, even though a repeat, would have made the night perfect. Plus there would be many who wouldn't have recorded every episode that's aired. Otherwise looks like a fun night- love Hitscene and the first Flashez clips in a decade :heart_eyes:

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

At nathan, a very stupid move not to have Countdown two weekends in a row. It's a travesty!!!!!

And rage starting off with Kate Bush 'Hammer Horror', they could at least play the Countdown performance so there is at least a glimmer of Countdown!!!!

And at Gary, I to would even prefer that rage added another 70s repeated Episode, maybe one they haven't played since the 90s.

Oh ... that FLASHEZ piece with Alice Cooper fans with Vox-Pops. They have played that before as well as the Roy Orbison interview at Pentridge!

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

I noticed that the Alice Cooper one is a repeat- at first I thought the tattoo one had also been aired but thankfully it's a new one.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately


I just saw this on the ABC 'news' site:


That normally means that there's some cross-promotion with rage, when they start running puff pieces like this under the guise of being 'news' :fear: There were Kylie stories on the ABC news page, and on the 7.30 Report coinciding with the rage Kylie special last year.

I guess that means a Nick Cave guest programming is coming up on rage? Or at least an all-night special on him?

Probably (let's hope!) not until after retro month and (I'm assuming) a Mardi Gras special in the first week of March.

Unless rage want to be particularly stupid (hey, what's stopping them now?) and devote week 4 of retro month to an all-night Nick Cave fest.

Remember, they plonked a Madonna special slap bang in the middle (I think week 3) of retro month in 2007.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

I'd say retro month is pretty unlikely more likely something post Feb. Red Right Hand is the one Nick Cave song that I like the rest is blah

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

I enjoyed this morning and am looking forward to tonight so each to their own I guess. :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

Week 3 of Retro Month over only week 4 to go! I didn't mind Flashez, Hitscene and GTK. Hopefully more Countdown to wrap it up. The 1989 top 10 was great it didn't need that much re-playing. I'd also like next weekend Countdown Revolution, Billabong Band, Melody Time, Country Style, Valerie Cooney Sings / Vic Sabrino Sings, Make Ours Music, Lorrae Desmond Show and 90s kids game show Vidiot. Please NO Recovery, 10.30 Slot and Triple J TV.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

I watched the video for 'Hammer Horror' last night (which the audio and video s t u f f e d up) and went to sleep when this nerdberger came on with no personality introducing an act...Bring back Molly!

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

Not that this really matters too much as Hitscene March 13, 1971 (Ep 82) had already been shown during Retro Month 2001 so this was a repeat.

I'm with everybody else, show more Unaired Countdown in Week 4 please.

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

An excellent night, really enjoyed most of it except for stuff like Led Zeppelin and Sabbath ugh

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

The trouble is, we get 20 hours of "RETRO MONTH" per year (not counting the 5am "PG" music videos) (and this year we're getting about 16 hours!) but because they now want to do more than "Countdown" ..... well, just think of how many episodes of "Rock Arena", "The Factory", "Beat Box", "The 10:30 Slot" and "Recovery" are in their vault. Not to mention all the miscellaneous stuff (musical guests on various TV shows).

Quite frankly, it is my unconsidered opinion that they need to do a "RETRO NIGHT" on "rage" once per week, maybe twice, on one of their overnight repeats (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, not Monday - VAULT night). Or add it to "ABC TV Plus" which, otherwise, sucks! Or even stick it on ABC-ME where 11pm to 5am is free every night bar Sunday.

I guess this all stems from the fact that there is a new generation in charge of "rage" who haven't finished trawling the vaults yet and who think that if it is over 20 years old then it should be played. Coming soon, "Stan" by Eminem in the old song section. Also, given how much the ABC's budget has been cut (down by 25% in 2019 compared to 2009 then more cuts in 2020) they probably can't afford to have more than interns programming "rage".

Re: rage goes retro 3 - Awful news unfortunately

Picture of Tim Finn on Countdown set for week four