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Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

I have made some progress from the last time I posted here (hurrah!). I found some shots of the band in the audience at the 1984 Countdown Awards. If anyone is willing to help out, please feel free to post on this thread. I can also post what I'm hunting down if you'd like.

Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

I'm assuming you've checked out all of the performances on Hey Hey It's Saturday?

Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

I believe so- I remember there was a performance from the 14th of June 1986... but it got deleted off YouTube years ago. Other than that, think I know of all of the HHIS appearances.

Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

I probably have that episode- downloaded almost every episode a few years back off of the HHIS website. Have recently started watching them on Saturday nights. Great fun

Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

At Valentina,

I have so much Pseudo Echo RARE video footage but I unfortunately have so many things scattered everywhere as my archival video collection is beyond MASSSSIVE!

I will try to gather bits and pieces for you bit by bit.


Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

Really? That’s so cool!

Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

No worries, Jason. Let me know if you find anything :)

Re: Pseudo Echo TV appearances (80s)

Nice, Gary! (Meant to respond to your response earlier haha)