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Stay tuned below with regular Countdown full archival information for each Countdown episode rage shall be airing every Saturday throughout January ...

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Re: Playlist for Retro week 1

I'm just happy to have "new" Countdowns to watch again. It's been too long!!

Re: Playlist for Retro week 1

Very happy that they managed to squeeze in 4 Countdowns to the time that the ABC had allotted to them. They are also 4 episodes that I am keen to see. Could have done without Nick The Stripper though as a space filler.

I didn't make any requests this year but just listed the remaining shows that have yet to air on Rage so I am glad there are no repeats amongst their selections and that they chose from the remaining shows.

Not fussed that they are playing David Bowie after 5am as they wouldn't have played any more retro shows in that timeslot anyhow so I had no expectations there.

I know some people collect individual clips and are more interested in clean clips and high quality but I prefer these full shows as I remember them. I am not too worried about individual clips anymore (almost all are on YouTube), I just love watching complete episodes of the shows as that gives a better vibe of the era.

Just hope that the other 3 weeks have something similar as they have tended to make the first night Countdown specific before drifting off somewhat after that. Will be interested to see what Rock Arena and GTK they use.

Re: Playlist for Retro week 1

I laughed when I saw the Playlist. As out of the 11 Countdown episodes I requested for this year - the 4 played tonight are all on my list. Another 7 to go and I get all on my 11 Episodes list!