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rage goes retro 1 blurb is up!


Seems like the Dr Hook episode is being played, I have it on Timer Code but it has been on my request list for years as I want it without Timer Code as it's an AMAZING episode. There is a mention of Rock Arena and GTK as well. It also says 11:50 pm start but rage always get their starting times wrong as I looked on my Foxtel guide and it says 12:50.

There seems to be a mention of an Australian Crawl hosted episode which may be another of my requests.

COUNTDOWN: Date:13/12/1981

Show: 314/ Final Show for 1981 and Hosted by James Reyne of Australian Crawl

Live Studio Performances:

Ian Dury – What A Waste

Aliens – I Don’t Care

Australian Crawl – Lakeside/Oh No Not You Again

Joe Dolce – Xmas in Australia

Video Clips from: Ultravox, Loverboy, ABBA, Go Go’s and more …


COUNTDOWN: Date:30/05/1982

Show:330/ Hosted By Ray and Dennis of Dr hook


Dr Hook –Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

Sardine – Sudan

Young Homebuyers – Take One Step

Video Clips from:

The Fixx, Sandie Shaw, Roxy Music, Duran Duran, Fun Boy Three & Bananarama and more …

Re: rage goes retro 1 blurb is up!

Hi there Jason,

Definitely 11.50pm start time - there was a repeat of some show originally taking place at 12.50am but that's been scrapped for this week.

Re: rage goes retro 1 blurb is up!

Okay, really? That's great news!!!!!!!!! As the Foxtel guide is ALWAYS right and it still says that rage starts at 12:50am and that the show before starts at 11:50pm.

Re: rage goes retro 1 blurb is up!

Just asked them, it seems it was misprinted..still 12.50am..which is crummy but what can you do..would've been nice to have that 11.50pm start

Re: rage goes retro 1 blurb is up!

Ughhhh, I knew it was 12:50. If rage just played rage goes retro as it should have been in January then there wouldn't have been this late start!

I HOPE that throughout February there isn't a 12:50 am start every Saturday night!