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rage VAULT updates on Facebook

I've noticed in recent weeks that rage hasn't been posting about the VAULT on Mondays on FB. They do post the playlists on their website. Could it be that they have a new social media manager? It seems odd that they wouldn't publicise about it as much anymore. The exception was the Helen Reddy and Max Merritt tribute VAULT.

Re: rage VAULT updates on Facebook

I've noticed that too. But this week (the only time I've checked), they posted the playlist several hours before it was on the website (before lunch time) on rage's instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/p/CGOIznnD_12/.

Oddly, last week, there was a facebook post with the vault playlist posted on Monday morning - but only briefly; it had been taken down when I checked the rage facebook page again only an hour or so later.

PS, there's no vault next week. Instead, there's a Dr Who marathon, which is also on the early hours of Monday and Wednesday morning.

Re: rage VAULT updates on Facebook

Hmm there is no vault scheduled for 27 October, either. Another Dr. Who marathon in its place. I'm not a Dr. Who fan, but someone I know is, and said that these are not new episodes/there is no particular reason for the ABC to be running a marathon of these episodes now.

Re: rage VAULT updates on Facebook

It's very peculiar. Especially also removing a VAULT post.

Re: rage VAULT updates on Facebook

Weird. To be honest lately i am enjoyinv **** vaults or no vaults. I have no space on my recorder. I've been putting all the 'retro' stuff on discs by year. That's why i love the year specials. Saves me so much time.