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Stay tuned below with regular Countdown full archival information for each Countdown episode rage shall be airing every Saturday throughout January ...

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Just 4 months till Countdown in January 2021!

Just 4 months till Countdown in January 2021!

I shall email rage in the next month with my Episode requests as they always play at least 3 to 4 episodes from my list each year.

Can't wait!

Re: Just 4 months till Countdown in January 2021!

I was thinking the same when we clocked over to September. Something to very much look forward to after one f#$ked year and cancelled holidays!

Hopefully 2021 will start off as a great year, kicking off with Countdown (retro month) in January. I will also be posting to rage to play just one full episode of 'The Factory' from 1988, potentiaaly the Bros and Transvision Vamp episode from Oct/Nov '88 or at least some decent/lengthy snippets from 1988. Their best year and when i watched every episode every Sat morning....after the rage Top 50!

A very very old post on this forum had Factory episodes and dates and details on episodes, so will be posting this to rage. The more information we give them and episode air dates shows how keen we are to see the episode and saves them time trawling through the ABC vault to find them.

Last Saturday morning, i put on the 7/5/88 full episode (that raged aired about 10 years ago) at 9am just like the original start time, while doing uni work...Good times and memories!

Re: Just 4 months till Countdown in January 2021!

The Factory was hit and miss for me, they played some RARE videos but three hours is very long on a Saturday night but of course everyone is free to request what they wish.

The BROS episode was at least a good one, I still have most of the Bros bits from that Episode on my 1988 VHS tape which is still in good condition.

Re: Just 4 months till Countdown in January 2021!

I mainly enjoyed the music on 'The Factory'. Often they played new releases and chartbreakers. They often left the hits to rage Top 50. I would also tune into the ABC through the stereo and record songs onto audio cassette. Still have the tapes. Andrew and Alex were great and Tania Lacey with her many characters.